Worcester Sheriff Event Winner

Hi guys
Back from an awesome day at the Worcester event - record breaking turn out and cleared out all these people trying to take over Gomorra. This is a law town! :smile:

This is the deck I ran


It’s a Hot Lead Flying deck with abominations in all the key values. This lets you benefit from the Soul Cage but MVP was the Legendary Holster. Rafi Hamid jumped into lots of shootouts at Government deeds to munch people up with that goods. Props goes to Chris Marples who sat down with me to create and fine tune the deck, and I nearly went with 4s instead of aces to add in Coachwhips and a Prescott Utter, but this version felt better in testing.

I went 4-1 in the Swiss, losing in tie breaker to Desolation Row (great game where I sent Jake Smiley to the wrong location in the final three moves bit resulting in me losing by 1 Control Point.) I played Des again in the final and had another great game, with me coming out on top thanks to a first turn Soul Cage and him cheating in most low ball hands. Thanks to all my opponents - I’m rubbish with names but had great games against everyone I played. And a massive nod to Az for running the event - long may they continue!


Great Job on the victory.

Why had this deck link only got 9 visits?

Go and give Steve some love - this is nowhere near your typical Law Dog deck and is a masterclass in original deck building

What if any changes would you make to this list if you had to do it again? Did you pull the Junior combo during the tourney? Again well done.

@jedilanni I’d probably take out the Legal Instruments and put in another dude (The Brute would be good) or another copy of Legendary Holster as that was the MVP in every game I saw it. With regards Junior, I used his react when I bought him normally but never used Soul Cage to bring him into a Shootout. I always seemed to use Soulcage in Low ball to get a guaranteed abomination rather than risking not being able to use it in a shootout. And you can’t react with Junior in Lowball as he only works in High Noon. He’s still a 3 bullet dude that’s a 5 stud when he has the holster and The Stakes Just Rose so he’s a key killer in the deck