YAGN and Jael's Guile

Scott asked me to ask about this interaction here, as he wanted to discuss it with the rules team, for reference here is a link to original ruling: http://www.alderac.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=375&t=115673&p=1490974

I’m not seeing a category - please make sure this is specifically posted to Rules Questions so we can collate it.

Thanks David, moved to Rules Questions. :slight_smile:


I posted two questions in the row and didn’t notice I left the rules sub-forum. Thanks for moving the thread Harlath.


Could we ask for just a little more definition of how this is affected by the recent ruling?

The thing is Hiding in the Shadows says: Noon: Choose one of your dudes. Other players cannot choose or affect that dude with Shootout abilities.

This is what I initially thought:
As the ability is cast during Noon, before Heartseeker is played, the other player shouldn’t be able to affect a dude on which Hiding was already played. During discussion someone said that the fact that you chose your own shooter implies that other player’s ability isn’t affecting your dude and this ruling confirms that it does.

It was before we ( definitely I ) realised that the real issue here is how two cannot effects interact with each other, feel free to delete this thread as it is most probably irrelevant to Heartseeker ruling.
BTW I always thought that if CANNOT effect is played, no other effect CAN or CANNOT can affect this effect.

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