York Deputy First Place 108

Today I took down the York UK Deputy using the current version of a deck I have been playing pretty much solidly from the release of Unstoppable Force.

I was originally going to play a Shot-Pig deck using Pigging Out to make Shotguns more threatening. It’s a fairly one dimensional deck and you need to heavily commit to Zhu Baije taos to make it work. As I was putting the deck together before we started… Yes I build most of my decks at the venue just before round 1… I had a crisis of faith with it. I didn’t like losing Bottom Dealin’ from my usual build nor did I like the fact that the deck is less than impressive without an actual shotgun. So I ripped out the Tao tech and went to my old reliable Hot Lead Flying build. I know it inside out and this was a Deputy event after all.

Deck Here: 108 Hot Desires (York Deputy Winner) · DoomtownDB

The York store is tiny, even by UK store standards and I was surprised but also impressed that 9 players had made the journey up. While not the biggest turnout this is great for York and thing are looking promising as a few people I’d never heard of before managed to make it.

Round 1 - BYE

Alas with an odd number a BYE is inevitable and it landed on me. I hate byes, I like to play games, I WANT to play games but someone has to have it so hey-ho what do you do? I’ll tell you, you sleeve the deck you just finished building. Result!


Round 2 - Paul Den of Thieves

Den tends to be a typically aggressive deck so I wasn’t expecting to go much furtehr than day 3 or 4. I went for an all out 19 cash start on this one. Starting 4 dudes with a vlaue of 6 or higher to ensure as many HLF casualties as possible. I had Yunxu, Xui Yen, Hiram, Carlton, Xiaodan and Benjamin. Paul grifted first with Rico and saw my hand - Cards of note, 1 x Pistol Whip, 1 x Bottom Dealin’. I Grift second and sleaze my way into a Hot Lead Flying. I open with my traditional start of throwing absolutely everyone into Town Square and play a deed. Paul played a deed (Gomorra Parish I think) I moved Xiodan in to threaten production removal and keep his cash low. Barton came across to defend so I moved Xui Yen in as well to bully him out. Paul took that move as a challenge and called out Xui Yen, sensing the ability to remove 2 influence and having Rico’d to see no HLF he brought in everyone. I respond in kind and we’re all in turn one. Paul thinks I’m bluffing a HLF and it’s about to go badly for him. I have 5 guys, Paul has 3, we reveal identical 4oak hands, Den gives him the edge but now he’s cheating and eats the Bottom Dealin, he’s in check so has to stay and tray and win still fearless in the face of impending anihilation. Paul wins the next round by 2 but the HLF clears his board for the win.


Round 3 - Dave Avery Morgan (core) Gadgets.

Dave’s starting the Wagner Memorial Ranch, Chen, Byrne, Irving and Rico? I think. I drop Carlton in favour of Asakichi Cooke for some move options in town and a little extra cash. My early actions are once again dominate town square and drop a deed and Hiram gets a Shotgun. Chen and Byrne move into the Memorial Ranch and a Lemat and a Yagn’s Arrive. I have a HLF in hand so try and bait Dave into a fight by throwing Xui Yen at him, he hasn’t read her ability and his stud count of my potential posse comes up WAAAY short and he calls me out. I throw everyone in, Xui Yen does her thing we draw legal 4oak each, sadly mine are Aces which is bad news for Dave as I now count as losing, I lose Xioadan and HLF his posse away. Day 2 Irving runs out of town to make a deed, Asakichi throws a card to have him chase Irving, call out BOOM!


Round 4 - Dave Hogg 108 Shot-Pig

Dave’s running a fairly basic shot pig deck. His early turns involve threatening a HLF by occupying town square, I know he’s running Shot-Pig after a lowball Pigginng out, I also know he has to have at least 3 of them or even 4 so his HLF bluff is an all mouth and no trousers move - unlike mine. I drop a turn 1 Allie Hensman and get her into town square to put the pressure on and he HAS to start a fight as the clock has started ticking. Day 2 he decides he has to do something about her as I’m also dropping deeds, he comes all in over the top and throws 2 pigging outs and 4 taos ripping bullets of everyone, xui yen doesn’t care, activates for 7 stud dudes. Dave can only get a cheating hand and gets a Bottom Dealin’ for his efforts, we do a quick table check and even if he runs off it’s over so he goes down swinging like a champ to back to back Straight Flushes.

We opt to skip the final as it would have been Dave and I again and we’re fairly certain it doesn’t go any better for him as he can only bluff a HLF and I can throw them.