You: Like/need promos, Me: have extras

So, I have a ton of excess promos.

If you are interested in completing your sets or picking up some for events, I can help! I just ask, cause I’m doing this as a “what you can afford”, you dont get them for the purposes reselling.

The deal is, you send me a message on here, telling me what you want. Then you send me a self-addressed postage-paid envelope or package, along with any payment you chose to provide. If you want and can afford to, I have a suggested “donation” below, which is cheaper than the going rate, but it is not required.

4x A Fight They’ll Never Forget (OP22) - $2.00
20x Faster on the Draw (OP27) - $1.50
52x Jacqueline Isham (OP31) - $1.00
4x One Good Turn (OP5) - $2.00
22x Pistol Whip (OP1) - $1.50

I also need some promos myself, and am more than happy to make this a trade-type deal.

Also, if anyone is interested, I have a selection of Harrowed Entertainment Group promos. Same deal for those. Contact me for details.

I’m most interested in getting them into the hands of other fans.


Do you have tins?

Just the gadget one, and it is currently on the consignment shelf at Red Castle (lgs).

Not sure if it’s relevant (to the ones you’re looking for), but there have been some tins for sale at Gencon the past couple years.

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