You Must Be Johnny Ringo: Out for Blood Spoiler and Fiction Excerpt

In a prequel piece by Jeff Bailey, we present an excerpt from the fiction insert included in the next Doomtown supplement, “Out For Blood,” along with a new spoiler. Enjoy!

The drunkards vaulted over each other in haste to reach the door, and someone pushed into Wendy from the side. She swiveled, shotgun ready – but hesitated as she saw an elegantly dressed man paired with wickedly sadistic eyes.

The man looked at Wendy. “Tigris cavea tuum ante et perdet unguibus.”

Latin? Wendy’s brain raced to remember a strident nun wielding an unforgiving birch wand. After a moment, meaning arrived. Cage your tiger, before she loses her claws. She retorted, “Si vis caveam, cavea dabo tibi,“ which she hoped translated back into “If you want a cage, I’ll give you a cage.” Then Wendy smiled. “You must be Johnny Ringo. I’ve heard you’re the smart one. Just not smart enough to set yourself right.”

Johnny smirked, hand at his holster. “Of the two of us, I’m not the one trying to light lanterns in rainstorms.” He noticed Wendy’s badge. “I’ve heard of you, too. You and your law won’t go here.”


He’ll love getting some Piece of the Action :wink: