Zhu's Reward

So the card says: Shootout Tao Technique, Boot: If successful, all opposing dudes with value lower than this dude’s bullets are sent home booted.
The important part is: “Shootout Tao Technique, Boot:”. since techniques are not used by the dudes, what is the object of the cost we have to pay to play it? For me the cost of it suggests that it is particular dude that uses this technique (ability on it).

Choose a dude, boot them and pull. If it works send home the dudes in the opposing posse that meet the criteria

So a cost of playing techniques should be read just like a cost of playing jobs?
Edit. Yesterday I noticed that the card has its cost written in the very unusual way, initially it looked to me like that it implies that it is a dude that uses a technique, today I see it differently ( it looks like technique is “using” a dude). Anyway I think it should be added to the rules that the cost of playing techniques should be read the same way as a cost of playing jobs.

Techniques are their own new thing. I’m not sure what more I can really say as I’m PT not rules. My suggestion would be to put this (excellent) question on the rules forum