2015 Sheriff Event Victories by Outfit

Current list of Sheriff Event victories thus far by outfit:

2015 Sheriff Badge Event Map

Post below with anything I may have missed. Thank you.


Unfortunately, I can’t help you, but I can thank you for posting this and wish you luck in finding the rest of the results.


In Madrid won The Sloanne Gang outfit

I know July 19th Sheriff’s event in OKC was won by a 4th Ring, coming second was My Rafi Government Wrangler.

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I’m so sad that the esteemed Morgan Cattle Co. is nowhere to be seen! (I got fifth this weekend, so it’s not like I’m not trying!)

Up to date heading into this weekend.

July 25th - Curio Cavern in Springfield, VA, USA.

Winning decklist: Core LD 3/7/8 Dogs - Springfield, VA Sheriff Event Winner · DoomtownDB

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Thank you for the update, @Feliks.

Man, poor morgan >>

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Updated with this weekend’s results.

You’re missing Barcelona infos! I won it and there were 10 players (iirc)

Great job you’re doing there!

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I appreciate the work you’re doing, thanks! :smile:

Although, why do you list the two unreleased outfits? Isn’t that just unnecessary info before they are released?

@mplain first of all thank you. Second, I included them in my spreadsheet now so I wouldn’t have to add them later. It’s the civil engineer in me, always planning ahead.

I think that in this particular case adding them later makes more sense, and is more user-friendly. But, it’s your call, of course.

Do you intend to collect winning decklists as well? Or just the general data on outfits and attendance?

Most winning decklists are being posted on dtdb.co and I don’t have the time to track them all down. It is hard enough trying to get some of the outfit and attendance information. :smile:

Com’ on mrs designers … Morgan Castle need Help 8-(

I haven’t been collecting data about participation, however anecdotally I believe that MCC has been decently represented and has gone to the Finals on several occasions. I don’t think it is time to panic and blame design just yet.


Updated. From this point forward I plan to update this once a week on Monday. I will be keeping the first post up to date. Please continue to post any information you have on results in this thread.

And to be fair, its only 5 weeks until the 108 and Wardens are introduced, though I won’t be surprised if they make an appearance at Gencon, either with some previews or the pinebox makes a limited appearance.