Article requests

Behind the scenes we are planning various articles for the rest of the Gazette, while we have our own ideas about what we want to write, that’s only the first step.

What would you guys like to read?

More interviews?
Card Journey from initial design concept through playtest to release?
Specific strategies?
Deck analysis?
Build challenges?

Let us know.

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I’m interested in all that!
but i think i prefer to see first:

  • More interviews
  • Card Journey from initial design concept hrough playtest to release
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Diable en Boite please!

(also, Auction, Harold Aimslee, Eustace True vs Micah Ryse, and the absence of a neutral mad scientist 2)

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This would simply be a look at the process, and how a card changes not a witch hunt against cards people don’t like.

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Ok then, still Diable en Boite, and Funtime Freddy. These two are new, and have obviously been through some serious nerfing, I think they’d be a good material to illustrate the design process.

I hope that with the upcoming Gencon we can have any interesting interview with some great news about this fantastic game!

Same here. I like all propositions and and would chose the two above as the most interesting ones.

An interview with the number 1 ranked player in the world please :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness interviews grab my attention but most of all i would like to see strategy articles


Strategy Articles get my vote.

I like interviews because I will try to read between every line, hoping for even the smallest morsels of what’s to come. Like when I heard an insider saying sloans challenges in gaining bounty were recognized and would get much better, Oh man I loved that.
I understand not having a witch hunt, but the cards that simply fall dead flat, some of us would like to know why, what the intent was. Yeah, basicly design process, but some recognition that there are cards that have very little appeal.
Along with design process, I love ‘deleted scenes’. By that I mean telling us about how a card used to be before it got changed, or cards that were playtested and cut.
Strategy articles I would definitely read, but I rarely find anything in them that wasn’t apparent to me. Still read them word for word twice.
Deck Analysis perhaps because I kind of would like to know what the devs like to play.

Ah great idea. It would be super interesting to see a version of a card before it was playtested and the reason why it got changed. Or ideas that were introduced that didn’t make it to a card.

Definitely appreciate strategy articles and meta discussion, but even more I enjoy listening to that in a podcast :wink:

We’ll have a couple episodes in the first week of the main site coming back. A F&F centric one and a FJ centric one. We’re getting back to it hard.


Awesome, can’t wait :slight_smile:

Episodes? Like, podcast? I thought we were talking about Articles in this post…

I reread all replies in this tread and nobody requests for set reviews.
IMHO this is one of the worst format in card games meta. They are always subjective and often misleading. People should test cards on their own, not believe that card is bad because someone said it.

The way I do set reviews, I try to think of how this and that card can be used, to give the readers some ideas to work with. It’s not just telling them if a card is good or bad. Set reviews can be done in different ways :smile:

I believe your best intents, but still you influence people’s mind and force them to think the same way. Yes, I do agree that reviews can be done differently. I just don’t like any of them. That’s probably only my personal perception.

Any chance of comparisons of archetypes, cards, and characters from classic to reloaded?

@KujakuDM - Maybe. The two games really are different animals.

@gozik - We’ve discussed reformatting the reviews to be more like “Analysis of a Card’s current usability”- and going back after each pine box to review what we thought.

I will agree w’ @Alex about the two games being different animals. First the economy is completely different and the just straight power level is different in reloaded at least i know there is no auto loss yet. Now onto the articles would people prefer strategy articles focusing on a decks pro and cons and/or a build that isn’t “tier 1” ,but as interesting card interactions.