Badges & Cards: A Doomtown Hall of Records

This forum post will be it’s own page in which we would like to post a photo of each individual at a future date. We wanted to take the time to recognize the achievement of players in Doomtown: Reloaded (now referred to as just Doomtown) since it’s relaunch inception in 2014. Congratulations to all the players, both featured here and those who have stayed part of this community and supported our collective hobby.


Marshals (US) /Marshalls (UK)
Brian Fox: 2014 GenCon Inaugural Event. While this was before the Badges, Brian was recognized as the first World Champion at the release of Doomtown: Reloaded. Victory with Morgan Cattle Company.
Associated Card Prize: Dr. Brian Foxworth

David Hammond : 2015 GenCon Marshal. David remains heavily involved with Doomtown and is a regular artist for new releases. Victory with The Fourth Ring.
Associated Card Prize: Dave “Slim” Gorman

Vincent Turner: 2016 European Marshall: AEG brought the major Badge event to the UK, where Vincent Turner became the first Marshall across the pond. Victory with Beyond the Veil.

David Lapp: 2016 GenCon Marshal: Yours truly was the final AEG Marshal and went on to become Lead Developer in the Pine Box era for the game. Victory with Den of Thieves.
Associated Card Prize: Byron Decker

Robert Campbell: 2017 European Marshall: In the first major storyline decision in the Pine Box era, Robert took victory with Morgan Regulators. Robert became Playtest Lead for the Tombstone Trilogy expansions.
Associated Story Prize: Chose that the most represented faction (Law Dogs) in the Epitaph Series would lead the Doomtown fiction and card themes to Tombstone.

Richard Carter: 2017 GenCon Marshal: In the first GenCon of the Pine Box era, Carter earned his badge before taking over as Lead Designer for Doomtown after GenCon 2018. Victory with 108 Righteous Bandits.
Associated Card Prize: Carter Richardson

Max Way: 2018 World Champion Marshall: Pine Box flew across the pond for a weekend of all things Deadlands/Doomtown as Manchester was host to the major destination event of 2018 where Max took victory with the Law Dogs.
Associated Deck Prize: Beginning in 2020, Pine Box will release premade decks in the championship series of preconstructed decks available in print on DriveThru Cards. Max’s deck will be the first made available along with a booster pack of cards from his choosing to be used as possible updates/substitutions to his winning deck.
NOTE ADDED JUNE 2020: This addition to DriveThru is still in the works, with an updated booster pack formed by Max that can be used to update or switch out the deck with other values.

Joe James Meredith: 2018 GenCon Marshal: Joe continues the trend of Anarchist victories, earning Marshal with the 108 Drunken Masters.
Associated Card Prize: Joe passed his prize to Jevon Heath. The Deed, “Heath’s Curiousity Shoppe,” will be released in the late 2020 expansion, “Welcome to Deadwood.”

Mark Yellowlees: 2019 UK Marshall Jonah’s Alliance: In Edinburgh, Mark followed in his cousin Robert’s footsteps, defeating him in the finals with The Fourth Ring, to become this year’s Marshall.
Associated Story Prize: Mark decided we will follow the story to the next major Weird West city of Deadwood as the fiction moves focus to follow Jonah Essex in 2020.

Dave Hogg: 2019 Destination Event Marshal (Twilight Protocol Act III: The Twilight Legion): Taking over the new World Champion Series of Destination Events, Dave became the Marshal in none other than Tombstone, Arizona itself this year with The Full Moon Brotherhood
Associated Story Prize: Dave will work with Deadlands Brand Manager Matthew Cutter to present elements from Doomtown that will appear in upcoming Deadlands supplements, particularly with how Tombstone is represented. As a result of the event, Lucy Clover has perished, as linked here).

John Nelson 2021 Destination Event Deadwood Marshall. Law Dogs w/Lacy O’Malley wins and chooses a good fate for Jonah’s posse.

Joe James Meredith. GenCon Online 2020/2021. Joe repeats Marshal winner with House of Many Faiths w/Ezekiah Grimme (DMH Build) and Morgan Gadgetorium (Clubless/Slide Build).

Jordan Pridgen. Marshall Online 2021-2022. Jordan, also with House of Many Faiths w/Ezekiah Grimme (9/10/Q) build wins the final Badge awarded in COVID-19 pandemic before August 2021 in person events resumed.

Jonathan Chase Causey Marshal GenCon 2022. Names card Jaac’s Fail Safe. Law Dogs Judge list.

David Woof Marshall UKGE 2023. Names Doris Powell to return in Weird West Edition with an updated version. Won with Property is Theft.

Joe James Meredith: GenghisCon 2019/2020. In Twilight Protocol Act I: The Agency, Joe took victory with The Arsenal and earned the first Agency Badge in Doomtown. Joe defended his title in 2020.
Associated Card/Story Prize: John “Aces” Radcliffe will become a member of the Agency and will receive an Experienced version. Joe passed this decision to runner-up David Winner, who chose Aces. Through player votes at the event, “Professor” Duncan will join the First Peoples. Both cards will be in the expansion, “Welcome to Deadwood.” The 2020 event resulted in the Temptation of Brother Petrovic fiction and links to the continuation of the post Tombstone fiction starting here.

David Winner. GenghisCon 2021. First Peoples (Eagle Wardens) wins: as Decker and Radcliffe rebuild the Denver SRF they will find the blueprints for a telescopic gadget, a dossier on a new abomination, and uncover the identity of a new First Peoples Agent.

Zachary Seldon: ChupacabraCon 2019. In Twilight Protocol Act II: The Texas Rangers, Zach debuted the new House of Many Faiths to victory and earned the first Texas Ranger Doomtown Badge.
Associated Card/Story Prize: Willa Mae McGowan will become a member of the Texas Rangers and will receive an Experienced Version. Through player votes at the event, Clint Ramsey will join the Law Dogs. Both cards are in the upcoming expansion, “Welcome to Deadwood.”

Charles Penn. ChupaCabraCon 2020 Online. Charles wins with Smith & Robards Trade show and chooses that Maria Kingsford will be recruited into the ranks of the Texas Rangers.

Adam Marrow. ChupaCabraCon 2022. wins w/Oddities of Nature choosing that Joe Vermilion join the ranks of the Rangers.

Jonathan Chase Causey: Jonah’s Allies: GenCon 2019. In the Jonah Trilogy of Series, at GenCon 2019 Chase took victory with 108 Gracious Gifts
Associated Card/Story Prize: “Dynamite” Jacc will become Jonah Essex’s Lieutenant in the upcoming 2021 story and will be a card released in “Welcome to Deadwood.” Players voted at the event that Allie Hensman, Christine Perfect, and Tonton Macoute will join the Lieutenant as Jonah’s initial posse riding into Deadwood.

Daniel Agnew won the Lawspeaker Badge in a special Doomtown: Weird West Edition Playtest Tournament

Antonio Calderon won the first two PAX Unplugged Round-Ups with Desolation Row both times (non-Badge but noting for history)

Daniel Agnew won the first PAX Unplugged Badge Round-Up (2021) and chose Dr. Daryl Burnett to become the new Sheriff of Gomorra in throwback fiction. Victor with The Arsenal w/Darius Hellstromme.

Laura Scott 2022 Constable Badge Sealed Deck Weird West Edition w/Outlaws.

In the AEG era of the game, many players were badged Sheriff and Deputy at local events. While no official list was ever generated, they can be identified by the badges they earned.

Laura Marie Scott Origins 2015 NA Champion/GenCon Seed

Outlaw Series
In the Series hosted by members of Pine Box prior to it’s official formation, in 2016 these events worldwide resulted in Name A Card prizes that were honored in expansions after the game relaunched in the Pine Box era.

The Wendigo Championship: AJ Valle, Morgan Cattle Company
Card: “Adrián Valle”

Eerie East Championship: Joshua Jonas, 108 Worldly Desires
Card: “Cavalry Escort”

Texas Rangers Championship & Pinkerton Championship: Chris Pottorf, Den of Thieves & Eagle Wardens
Card: “Forsaken Hound”
Card: “Steph & Gertie’s Tonsorium”

The Queen’s Call Out: Adam Whitehouse, Morgan Gadgetorium
Card: “Taff’s Distillery”

Great Maze Championship: Kevin Rosenbaum, The Fourth Ring
Card: “Rosenbaum’s Golem”

The Great Rail Wars Championship: Chris Poulopoulos, 108 Wordly Desires
Card: “You Had ONE Job!”

The Grand Master Jackalope. Brenton Shaw , 108 Righteous Bandits
Card: “The Winning Agenda”

Name A Card Events
Origins 2018: Charles Penn and Zachary Seldon
Card: Bogie Man (featured in HCWM)
Card: Tomas Ramirez (featured in HCWM)

London Kickstarter Event Reward: David Woof
Card: Rock Woofstone (featured in HCWM)

GenCon 2017 Evil is a Choice: Joe James Meredith
Name A Legend: Doc Holliday

Tribute Cards
Miles Hayton In Loving Memory
Card: Monomi Miles

OCTGN ConPlus Charity Event: DeVon Green
Card: Reggie Mallard (Outlaw featured in “Welcome to Deadwood”)

Tombstone Destination Event Best Theme Deck: David Winner
Card: Winner’s Circle Auction House (Deed in “Welcome to Deadwood”)

Cards Pending:
Will Wright: Portland Kickstarter Event Reward: Pending event on Jan 25, 2020. Will has opted to wait for an appropriate Law Dogs Dude to Name. Won with Law Dogs gadgets.

Dan VandenBurg: London Decide a Deputy. Dan won with Spiritual Society and chose that the Fearmongers will receive a new Deputy.

Josh Roberts. Origins Weekend Online 2020. Josh won with a revolver of different decks played and chose for a new Deed to be named Smith Family Farm.

PAX Unplugged Relics/Curses and Tombstone Hero’s Prize:
Ian Oneail: Play for Blood: Action in “Welcome to Deadwood”
David Hammond. Bad Beat. Action in “Welcome to Deadwood”
Landon Sommer: The Father’s Cross. Currently pending and will serve as a Relic against the Reckoners as a result of the Twilight Protocol Votes.

Name A Fiction Winners:
Mark Geisler won the last OCTGN Charity Event and decided that Father Diamond would receive his own fiction piece, currently unlocked on the Pine Box Patreon Page

Dave Hogg won the 2018 Dead Man’s Hand Event resulting in Rafi Hamid becoming Harrowed. The result of the players being unable to defeat Stone is that the Classic character Blackjack perished

Community Votes Via Organized Play:
Scarecrow/Nosferatu: New Varney Nosferatu Will be featured in “Welcome to Deadwood.” Both Abominations were in the Twilight Protocol Series Part I live fiction. Scarecrow was used as the Patreon Joker Promo.


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Updated with victors from the 2020 Online Round-Ups.


Updated with final COVID-19 events prior to Deadwood Destination Event 2021.


Updated with PT Badge, NA Origins 2015 Champion, and Pending Constable Badge


Updated with 2021 Constable and Marshal Results


Full list will be updated soon with cards coming in the next expansion, ‘Debt of Blood,’ which catches us up with all vanity cards currently owed to players.

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Updated with 2023 Marshall results

Doris Powell will return in Manitou’s Memories (expansion after Debt of Blood).

Any owed cards not released in Debt of Blood will be in the MM expansion.