Hell's Coming with Me Spoiler Tracker

Here is tracking for the next set! The set is confirmed to have 56 cards! Names are links to my source (when I can provide it…)


As ever, pleased to see this topic emerge. Well done on the hard work behind this valuable community resource. :thumbsup:


Bump as new spoilers starting to come in from Tombstone.


As to answer ‘Can you start her?’
It’s going to be a bit of a cost, but could really launch your game if you essentially start 6 dudes. It can all go wrong if you don’t have any dudes or deeds in your lowball that you don’t want to or can’t buy.

Whats really nasty about he is You can play her for 3 and get a cost reduction of 2 on a successful job. Thats a lot of value.

Hilariously, if you discard her as a casualty during the job, but still succeed, you can then bring her into play again for 1.


@jayjester the big rub is finding a starting lineup that could capitalize on her well that one upkeep keeps her out of the fancy hat deck

Butch Deuces or Travis Moone (potentially even Henry Moran) would help with getting fishable cards into your discard on day 1…

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If by Butch or Travis you mean Henry I agree!

Really excited for this because Eagle Warden decks can easily have strong posses at the expense of starting cash, and Tawodi can now leverage that strength to cover that weakness at synergy with at least three First People homes.

Cool card.

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You can now add me to the spoiler list :wink:


All of HCWM is now on dtdb.co.

Here is the latest playtest card article