Both new factions named:

The product listing for the Faction Pack has been updated.

The 2 new factions are:

Eagle Wardens
The 108 Righteous Bandits

Also includes confirmation of 2 themes - Shamans and Kung-Fu


I can’t wait for y’all to see what we came up with :smiley:



/sigh, I shall resign myself to the fact that I can at least acknowledge it exists. AND THAT IT’S AWESOME!


Yay! kung fu!
Although regarding how blessed came out from F&F I fear that these two factions won’t be competitive enough, unless the set is fully dedicated to them.

The 108 Righteous Bandits were hinted at long ago, in the Long Strides to Gomorra story. That they’re actually coming is awesome. Move over Law Dogs, it’s Kung Fu time!


Even if it is, it may not be enough. We’ll have to wait and see.

In any case, I think this sounds like an awesome choice for factions. I’m glad they didn’t bring back something like Texas Rangers or Agency, etc.

In the hopes that we’ll see more monsters I’m hoping the Eagle Wardens are a bit less like the Sioux Union and might be more of a Ravenite clan with some dastardly mischief up their sleeves.



Kung Fu.

Im looking forward to see it? I think there is a lot of other themes the guys could have chosen that were more obvious, so Im a bit reserved in my joy, but Im ready to be totally freakin surprised and happy when I see my first ‘Monkey Goes to the Mountain’.

What other themes do you think are more obvious?

Knowing Anders, some sort of robot-ninjas :slight_smile:

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Well - I would go a bit more classic western, such as a faction focusing on solo characters (harrowed?), the Black River Railroad - or a confederate/union warband.

That said, even though I am reserved I have only been pleasently surprised at what the team has done so far, so im pretty sure Ill come around to them when I see them.

We do have a local player that really was into Classic but has yet to jump into Reloaded. I had literally asked him last night what would get him playing and he said 2 things:
a.) A faction like the Maze Rats in theme, hopefully with mobility as a faction trait.
b.) Needing to catch up on fewer sets.

If he can play 108 RBs with just this new expansion and his existing cards (1 base set, 1x NTNR) and get a faction he likes, that’d be awesome to get another person playing regularly.


I that’s what’s he’s looking for he’s gonna cream his pants :stuck_out_tongue:


Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force is actually a Faction Pack, and The Light Shineth is Pine Box #2 (c) Source

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Can anyone post a couple cards from Classic that would illustrate the King Fu theme and what it does?

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I wouldn’t base any supposition of Kung-Fu on classic if I were you :wink:

For the curious though:

Yes, that says until the end of the GAME your dude gains a ridiculous ability.

They all generally aced themselves too so you could thin your deck out crazy fast.

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Thank god, because if doomtown had clunky mechanics(and I’m not talking about mad scientists now :3) kung-fu was the clunkiest.

Kung-fu cards were noon actions that gave your kung-fu dude a permanent trait/ability, I can’t recall exactly if the action card was aced or discarded, either way it was a pain to keep track of it.

Sort answer, they worked as l5r tattoos.


This. I hope they are much more streamlined in DTR. In fact, I’m pretty confident Design will do just that.

If this is true I am happy. Really good way to introduce new factions.


Completely agreed!

I am looking at a very poor quality picture of a PB box and it looks like it contains 248(9) cards, At least I see ‘2’ as a first number.