Competitiveness and viable Tournament archetypes

I just hope Miracles and Abominations get enough support in the next two saddlebags. And Gadgets, of course. Before we start experimenting with new factions.

You guys are such downers :weary:

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Yep, too much negativity, grinding axes, bad for the community, all that.

On a side note, I’ve been experimenting with different new decks for the past few weeks (miracles, deputies, oddities, horses), having some success vs. swider’s and hammardal’s other experimental builds. Yesterday swider took a 10+J+Q clowns deck and totally devastated all my homemade brews. He says that when he gets frustrated about losing with his horses deck, he resorts to Clowns as a way to raise morale.

The point here is that every new deck has to compete with Aggro Sloane, Law Dogs BH, control clowns, and landslide. When you test against one archetype and think that your new deck is viable, you get destroyed by another archetype. I’d rather have tier 2 decks become tier 1 before seeing more tier 2 decks emerge.

DTR is not just about Tier 1 and tournaments you know.

Yep, too much negativity, grinding axes, bad for the community, all that.

And I wish you could tone it down a bit sometimes…

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Oh yes, I know. But sometimes I get that feeling that Reloaded is positioned mostly as a fun leisure time for Classic fans. From what I see in facebook profiles, I think that the average age of Doomtown players is significantly higher than those of other games, like Netrunner. And for most of them it’s just fun and casual play, I suspect.

I would actually like Doomtown to be slightly more about Tier 1 and competitive play than it is now. Just a little bit.

Weirdly I think it is going to get better with the new factions.

One thing is you only have so many unprepared for example, thus way you will have more deck ranges for fun play.

With the tournies, I’m really seeing some cutthroat decks out there.

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I wanted and expected one more faction in next PB, but knowing two more are coming in it, I can only agree with mplain on prety much everything he said. Hopefully we will get at least few cards for each of different builds ( e.g. gadgets, horses) that will make them viable before release of PB.

Ah, that’s the topic to be disappointed. Sorry, I didn’t realize it.

Actually as a game, I think this has more competitive archetypes for how many cards are out in the format than most. Magic you seem to get one or two and then rogue decks that occasionally beat it. Doomtown definitely has a few:

  1. Sloane aggro/allie control point
  2. Sloane Desolation Row
  3. 4R control
  4. 4R Shootout handrank manipulation
  5. Morgan Dudes and Deeds
  6. Morgan Gadget Stud Weenies
  7. Law Dogs Bounty Hunt

All are capable of winning tournaments for sure. Pretty good variety.

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I would drop Sloane base and mmc gadgets. They are not consistent enough to considered as top tier imho.
And that would left us with 1 option per faction except 4th ring.

And it s worth to note that all decks are cappable to win tournaments only because ussual number of competitors is about 8 people. Also this is a game with high variance. I would argue that any legal deck can win 8 people doomtown tournament if sample size is big enough. When you compare things with mtg you should remember that we don’t have such big competitive scene to establish really best decks.

I do think we have an okay distribution of deck types that are all at least Tier 2. I would love to see more become Tier 1 (Gadgets, I’m looking at you!), but I also understand that there are probably some factions they want to push out earlier so that they can also get some good cards behind them (I’m certain at least one will involve Shamans and Spirits).

Honestly guys, there will be some really good and viable decks for the 2 new factions. Both will be great fun imho and I think that we all will feel only an improvement in the gaming arena as it will broaden the meta and gives us all more new shiny toys!


Lots of talk about Tiers.
Is this defined somewhere or is this a metaphysical entity that exists in the minds of gamers that have just happened to “see it before” in other CCGs?

If “Tier 2” is the best that this game has, then those “Tier 2” decks are “Tier 1” until something better can be constructed, no?

Why do you reply about new factions here? That topic about current meta as I got it.

Also I don’t get how two new viable faction will fix current problems with underpowered archetypes(like gadjet one).

Who said tier 2 is the best? A lot of people, including me, says that there is not enough strong strategies among 4 factions we alreada have, e.g. gadgets which someone called tier 2, what doesn’t mean that tier 1 doesn’t exist.

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There are two SB’s before release of PB, so there is still a hope that situation improves by then.
I am bit worried about gadgets. My assesment at the beginning of the year was that there is a lot of cards needed to make them viable and few months later I can honestly say that while the situation with dudes supporting them improved, gadgets themselves are rather disappointing. Especially both released in last SB were poor. On the other hand ,it never happened with hexes, there wasn’t one single expansion with bad or disappointing hexes.

I don’t think there’s a problem with gadgets. Problem = unplayable. Tier 2 deck is not a problem. Gadgets can still form good decks that are fun to play and give you a good shot at winning. It’s worth considering a splash of an Auto-Revolver in any deck running 7s if you are in a MS faction at the very least.

See, here is where we differ.
But I’m not even sure that Miracles and Aboms are tier 2.

Tiers arn’t a problem if the tiers are squished. The problem arises when a tier one deck does something a tier 2 deck does significantly better. So its not so much a matter that you can’t play and win with gadgets the problem with gadgets is if im running a 4R Shooter and your running gadgets i not only completely counteract what you are trying to do, i also do what you are trying to do better. This would of course assume that whatever gadget deck we are talking about is a tier 2 deck.

I will say however that the game is still in its infancy. There is a lot of experimentation still to be done and a lot of concepts that the community as a whole just doesn’t tend to attempt. Obviously more cards can mean more options but as a community we tend to argue if something is tier 2 or 3 more then ways to deal with tier 1.

I mean the 4th ring shooter deck is somewhat hilarious to me because the whole deck is based on you saying “well i think every single deck i will encounter today will loose to hand modification and will have no other answers to hardcasting cheating varmit and It’s not what you know.” And its true and it wins because by in large people play the honest shootout game all day where i call you out and we as gentlemen and ladies have a good game of poker.

Anywho starting to emotionally ramble. So ill be done with this post.