Core deeds - speculation

If next saddlebag follows the pattern of the latest expansions (grifters) we can expect that three factions without a core deed will receive one. What do you think / hope they will be? My guesses are:

  1. Morgan: I believe a core deed will be a ranch that has a trait or ability that depends on number of ranches or improvements you own/control, e.g. this deed produces GR equal to total number of ranches you own. ( YEs, grifer’s ability gave me this idea)

  2. Sloane Gang: this one is very hard to guess, but I believe it will be either a deed that lets you to remove bounty from a dude and/or possibly keep some of it e.g. remove bounty from a dude, if a bounty is higher than 3 GR, you may keep that gr. The other idea I have is that a deed has something to do with completed jobs e.g. gain 2 GR for each completed job (or something I really don’t want to see like: this deed gets CP for each completed job).

  3. 4th Ring: I believe this one will have something to do with Abominations or Abominations and hexes e.g. each time Abomination is aced get 2 GR or this deed gains 1 CP, or something like each time Abomination enters/leaves play you might search your discard pile for a hex, show it to your opponent, you might discard a card in your hand to replace it with this hex.

What abilities or traits do you want to see?


Heeey… if Morgan get a Core ranch, Howard Aswell will make a lot more sense!


All your speculations revolve around the idea that Core deeds will give ghost rock. This might impact the game balance in an undesireable way. Gomorra Jail specifically doesn’t give any money, but it gives extra control points without the need to play deeds (normally a Sloane Gang theme). I think that other core deeds will give something that helps other factions to fill their gaps: maybe card cycling for Morgan or Sloane, extra starting influence for Oddities, some such. Something that will not give money directly (well, maybe one of them might, conditionally).

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I think that core deeds will be without income, otherwise they should be really expensive(like 6 gr for +2 income, or 4 for +1.

Agreed on the lack of income…I really think they should function mostly as another Dude would…you’re really wanting them to give you some key part of your strategy, guaranteed.

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Since this is a speculation thread I am not going to defend my guesses :), but since you want more variety I have a new idea for Circus core deed: whenever your Abomination is aced you can chose one of your other Abominations from Boot Hill and put it into play on this deed ( paying all costs, Abomination comes into play booted).

Are you dreaming of expendable aboms + Diable en Boite + Takin’ deck too? :wink:

Put into your hand would probably be more useful. Come into play booted at a deed is very awkward.

No. I didn’t have any specific deck in my mind, I am not looking forward to Takin’ … abuse either, I am not a big fan of lose to win strategies.

One more idea , this time for SG and quite similar to the one I had above: remove a bounty from a dude, if this dude’s bounty is 4 GR or greater , this dude gets 1 influence point.

I think Morgan needs (thematically and mechanically) some more ghost rock from the beggining, so would be great than the core deed for this faction increase that. And yes, it can be a Ranch. ¿Or maybe something to help the mad scientist pulls? just ideas :wink:

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Pay 1 gr, boot a dude: reduce the difficulty of the next skill check by 2 :wink:


Controller React, Boot: While inventing a gadget, your Mad Scientists at this location do not boot.

or to give value to Aswell,
This deed gains one Control Point for every Improvement attached.


That… is actually not bad. A core deed that gains some sort of bonus for every Improvement attached. This, and a K drifter, would make me want to build a gadgets deck around Kings :slight_smile:

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Another abomination idea, but perhaps a little less overpowered: Your abominations at this deed are worth +1 influence during the sundown phase. This gives oddities a backup plan if they can’t control town square and original faction some flexibility to stay in the game while they build up. It doesn’t contribute to the win condition like the jail does, but they don’t all have to.

I would like a movement effect for Aboms…maybe 1CP, “Controller React, Boot: After you win lowball, move one Abomination you control to the Town Square.” Would let you teleport someone in and use Oddities to boot someone before they can do anything.

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There’s already Bunkhouse for that.


The cattle company could sure use a slaughterhouse.


IF there is to be faction based deeds, the circus needs a Town Square stage for sure.

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I don’t think we’ll ever see truly faction-specific deeds. With a limited card pool, taking something so universal like locations and making them only usable by one group seems like a bad idea.

Core deeds will probably be the closest thing you’ll get … being able to start a certain deed in place of a certain dude.

Would it be really that bad to have a faction specific deed? Or a goods? It is obviously not a game where almost everything is faction specific (and I love that there is no artificial restriction on using other outfit’s dudes), but it doesn’t seem that bad to me to have a couple things specific to a faction.

Did classic ever get non-dudes non-outfits cards faction specific?

PS: I am not saying I want something specific, I just wonder if it is really that bad an idea.