Doomtown European Championship

July the 1st will see the 1st PBE European Championship. The event will be held at IQ Games Centre in Huddersfield UK. A facebook event will be provided as soon as the details have been hashed out however feel free to ask questions here.


Psst - Here’s the playmat.


Any chance we can git some games recorded?

You know, to increase the presence of the Continuation of the game?..

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We will try our best, @AdmiralGT is the man in the uk who does most of the recording over here

I hope AdmiralGT records the games. I do not hope that he does voice over commentary for it.

I will try to get the event to record the games. It sounds like you’re not very happy with my commentary so if you have any feedback on how to improve I will aim to get better!

Thanks Admiral! And thank you all for suggesting streaming/recording events, it’s something PBE is looking to do more often in the future! Keep in mind we want to respect our fellow Doomies so I ask that everyone make these requests in a positive manner, no matter what the topic.

We at PBE are very much looking forward to this official event that will lead into the DTR World Championship being held at Gencon this year!

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I found @AdmiralGT’s videos and commentaries of great help, as a tourney newbie who’d also had very little casual play at that point. People making the (often thankless) effort can be the tipping point that encourages new people to take the plunge with a game. So thanks!


Oh, I spoke way to soon and am unfortunately out of the country on that date so won’t be able to make it. Sad times indeed :frowning:

Just checked out some of your videos. Really enjoyed them!
It’s nice for a new player like me to be able to see experienced players and the plays they make.
Your commentary really provides insight as well.

I sometimes get a little confused because I’m not familiar with all the cards (a lot of names)
But I look forward to your future videos!

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I’ll second this message from @Sauronsbeagle - the videos and commentary are great, even where @AdmiralGT is pointing out my play mistakes. :wink:

Good voice for commentary and insightful comments.

Sorry we won’t have you there for the big event!

I quite fancy the idea of playing around with videos. I do however lack a decent camera and any real experience in producing videos which doesn’t really help.

Feel free to give me a shout @Doomdog about setting it up. If you’ve got a smartphone (preferably Android just due to storage) it’s not that difficult. I used Lightworks for all my production and once you get the hang of it it’s not too hard.


European players,
I may be able to midpoint this event on an international travel vector US > UK > Ireland > US (depending on ticket prices!), and am wondering if there is anyone in/near Huddersfield who could put me up for a night or two.

Message me if so?


Is the UK ready for the ZacPac Experience ™?

Am trying to work on this for you

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Deciding whether to fly out (from San Francisco or Oakland) on the 29th or 30th of June.

After the tourney, I’m thinking of taking a bus to Ireland…

(Are there any Irish players out there?)


Must be one of those Magic Bus to go from England to Ireland :open_mouth:

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What airport makes sense to fly into, MAN or LBA?

Ok only one flight was affordable - SFO to MAN arriving June 30th 11:00am - so I just booked it.

I’m hoping the UK has some kind of bus so I can boot the trip from Manchester to Huddersfield - any recommendations folks?