Doomtown European Championship

Huddersfield locals will be of the most help here, but I personally prefer trains to buses.

The bus is normally a bit cheaper, train is normally a bit nicer and IQ games is about 2 minutes walk from the train station.

There are cheap regular trains from Manchester Airport (you don’t even need to go in to Manchester) to Huddersfield (c £10 each). Many of the trains are direct - you don’t even need to change. Direct trains seem to take 48-53 minutes. Let me know if you need a hand with any of this. :slight_smile:


I imagine that going by train will be far easier and faster than by bus. Transpennine route trains are both direct and leave regularly.

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If I can (which at the moment i can’t think why I can’t), I will come pick you up from the airport, still working on trying to get you somewhere to stay. Anyone able to help out here?

Just in case you have to get across on your own, it is far easier by train, there are direct connections to Huddersfield. Which only take around 1 hour.


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Here is the facebook event

Please note if you are not already a member of the Doomtown Uk group you will also need to ask to join the Uk group via this link.

i will try as best as possible to update details here as I go

PBE have kindly given us a story prize, more details to follow.

Here is our prize mat

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I do have a spare room, but it isn’t in Huddersfield. Not too far away though.

If you are able to fly into Newcastle or Edinburgh I would be able to give you a lift down

From the Facebook page I’m guessing this is 11am registration for a (thematic!) high noon start?

Just trying to guess numbers and finishing time (assuming cut to T8 if large enough, if not cut to T4), so we don’t have a repeat of previous travel rearrangements if anyone from Edinburgh is lucky enough to make it to the finish again. Weighing train times (last one is 7:27pm) and driver fatigue if we get the car down.

We might travel down that morning and stay Saturday night instead of travelling down Friday and leaving on Saturday night.

Umm not sure where you got the 11am reg time from. Here are the details

IQ Games centre are hosting the Doomtown Reloaded European Championsip’s

Date: Saturday 1st of July
Time: Registration 10-10:45 First round 11am
Entry: £10
Place: IQ Games Centre, 23 Byram Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1DR

Tickets can be found here

We will be using the number of rounds set out in the Doomtown Floor Rules.

Prize Support - To be advertised at a later date, It’s cool btw

Part of this is a story prize details as follows

The winner of this event will choose the city next explored with the following choices and an associated Reckoner
-Dodge City (War)
-Tombstone (Death)
-Lost Angels (Famine)

Travel: Public transport: We are a 2 minute walk from the train station and just a little further from the bus station.

Parking: There is pay and display parking around the shop but can be very expensive and busy - However there is an all day car park across from this post code HD1 5BE that is £4 Monday - Saturday and free on a Sunday and very close to the shop.

This tournament is fully supported by Pinebox Entertainment

There are a number of hotels close by, we have good recomendations for The Cambridge Hotel, The Premier Inn and the Travel Lodge.


Grand, must have got confused by the UTC time on the Facebook invites. Oh the shame! :blush:

Thanks for the details, earlier start and confirming the (correct!) time makes it easier to do our planning.

Look forward to seeing various old faces and hopefully some new ones. :slight_smile:


What cards are legal for this event?

Just the first 18 expansions I assume - and not the spoiled Legends - correct?

Yes that is correct, I would love to have had the kickstarter cards to have been in people’s hand by the time of the event, but alas we are at the mercy of business and how it works.

This is correct for GenCon as well, with the exception of the Evil Is A Choice event. I’d like to also try a variant, time permitting, at the Bike Rally where everyone plays with Raven or Stone (since we’ll be giving out full bleeds for attendance).

Suggested title: “Stone the Crows, it’s Bike Rally 2017”.


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Howdy gang!
Just finalized arrangements to sublet my place, checking in in 24, flying out in 48, all goes right I’ll be arriving just in time for brunch and tea on Friday.

That said, while I’m packing, in the off chance some of you will be around after the tourney, I will totally hang around a couple of days if you wanna get in a ton of games with an American and our inferior playstyle - bringing with me in the neighborhood of 15-20 decks in various stages of development - many of which sportin’ the fancy new homes and a few plannin’ to join forces with the Reckoners.

So yeah, if you can be ‘sick’ on Monday (or however that works for you), shoot me a message here or a Foreboding Glance at the tourney. Cheers!


…plus two Bicycle decks…

round 3 finished, we have Robert Campbell on 15 points, David Avery on 13 points, Vince Turner on 13 points, Jason Griffiths on 13 points, 6 players on 10 points, 3 players on 8 points.

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Will there be any videos coming up?

Some fresh DT content for Youtube would be awesome.

Both semi finals would have been worthy of record. The final was not


In particular, your semi against Vince was a game for the ages, coming right down to the wire. Shame @AdmiralGT wasn’t available to do one of his excellent videos - maybe he should be a separate stretch goal? :wink:

I think there might be some recent OCTGN league matches on YouTube? Will try to dig them out over the next few days once I get back home, will hopefully provide some interesting fresh matches for people to watch. :slight_smile: