Doomtown Ranger Badge Online Round-Up: Summer 2020

This was initially planned for ChupaCabraCon with a Cyber Chango Deadlands: Hell on Earth promo with HCWM being legal. The details are staying up in the possibility that we reschedule this for another date and time independent of or possibility at another convention to award the Texas Ranger Badge.

Doomtown: Shoot ‘Em or Recruit Em’!:** Join Doomtown players as they vote during swiss rounds of the game on Abominations that the Texas Rangers are hunting down in the Weird West world of Deadlands. Which ones will they eliminate and which will be recruited into the ranks of the Rangers? You decide, pardners!

Doomtown: Texas Ranger Round-Up Badge Event!:** Who will wear the Badge of the Ranger as Doomtown players gather to compete in the second Badge event of the year! Players will help vote in guiding the actions of Sergeant Elijah Clay as he navigates a town shattered after the events of the Twilight Protocol Trilogy and the fallen Earps.

Showdown at the Clanton Ranch: Multiplayer.** Help test the final version of the upcoming multiplayer Doomtown product, ‘Showdown at the Clanton Ranch.’ At the end of this convention, the final version will be locked in and getting ready for publication pardners. Step right up and join in on the fun to help us develop this amazing multiplayer product!

My Little Demon: The Unglittering Playtest Demo:** Join Christine Lapp, Lead Designer, of My Little Demon: The Unglittering, a new game coming to Kickstarter in June 2020 by artist Heather Kreiter. Players can actively participate in final development. Disclaimer: Mature content.


Updated with Sunday Doomtown multiplayer and Sunday MLD

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Updated with the new August dates

ChupaCabracon has been cancelled. I will leave this thread up, as we may make plans later in the year to award the Texas Ranger Badge.

The Badge will be awarded via online tournament coinciding with the Chupa online RPG event in August. Follow Doomtown Discord channel for details

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This event will begin on July 17th!

Entry is free and all participants receive exclusive Deadlands: Hell on Earth themed Jokers featuring the ChupaCabraCon mascot.

The next Online League begins May 8, where players can learn the online platforms and practice!


Sign-ups will go up Friday, July 17 for the Texas Ranger Badge.

GenCon Marshal Badge signups are now live at

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Ranger Badge and Top of Faction Acrylics

All participants receive the Cyber Chango Deadlands: Hell on Earth themed promo Jokers

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Sign up link is here!:

Refer to this thread for rules. The only difference is that you use the same deck each round. Deck lists should be emailed to

Pairings will go up on Friday, July 24th!

The promos being mailed are the CyberChango Deadlands: Hell on Earth Jokers. The grand prize is the Texas Ranger Badge. Top of Faction acryclics as pictured above are for the highest ranked of each player in that faction for swiss rounds.


Today is the last day for sign ups partners! Pairings go up tomorrow!

Use the Google Forms above to register and remember to email your decklist to

Entry is free. All participants receive a pair of ChupaCabaraCon Deadlands: Hell on Earth themed Jokers.

Top of faction at end of swiss receive the Tombstone Outfit acrylic for their faction played.

The winner receives the Texas Ranger Badge and associated Story Prize!

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*Matches will be timed at 2 hours by default (to make up for extra technology-laden slowness, especially to be more friendly to folks who are new to OCTGN/TTS). But if the 2 players agree, they can make any time limit they wish, or none at all.

*If 2 players cannot find a time that meets their schedule, we’ll do our best to work with them. If we have to delay the next round a little, that’s probably ok as long as there is some hope for a match in a reasonable time, but we’ll take it as it comes.

*However, if one player either does not respond at all, or consistently has zero availability, they will be marked as a loss.

*If both players do not respond or report in for the whole week they will be dropped from the event.

*Default game mode is OCTGN; players must agree if using an alternative method, such as TTS, to play.

28 players, breakdown below

Round 1 here:


The event is now updated with correct names, outfit, and legends.

CyberChango Hell on Earth jokers for participants!


When I signed up I think I said I didn’t want promos. In light of this new information I wish to change my response.


No prob we’ll be reaching out to everyone at the end of the event


This event is now in Round 4. See one of the Round 3 match-ups here!

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One of the Round 5 match-ups


Top of Faction acrylic of the Tombstone themed homes go to:

  1. Law Dogs: Dave Hogg, Law Dogs w/Doc Holliday
  2. Outlaws: Daniel Lundsby, Desolation Row w/Hank Ketchum
  3. Fearmongers: Adam Whitehouse, Full Moon Brotherhood w/Andrew Lane
  4. Entrepreneurs: Robert Campbell, Morgan Regulators
  5. First Peoples: David Hammond, The Spiritual Society
  6. Anarchists: Guillaume Couteau, 108 Drunken Masters

Top 8

  1. Charles Penn (Smith & Robard’s Trade Show) v. David Hammond (The Spiritual Society)
  2. Dave Hogg (Law Dogs w/Doc Holliday) v. Jordan Pridgen (House of Many Faiths w/Ezekiah Grimme)
  3. Derek McConnell (The Spiritual Society) v. Guillaume Couteau (108 Drunken Masters)
  4. Greg Melnyk (108 Gracious Gifts) v. Robert Campbell (Morgan Regulators)