Edinburgh Sheriff Event, 2 April 2017

I’m not sure if I’ll make it to my home sheriff event (attending a wedding in Germany, have found some crazy combination of flights starting at 6am to try to make it back, may book these…). Sorry I’m not around in Edinburgh to offer lodgings.

Feel free to publicise on Facebook/Boardgame geek - organisers will be pleased to have more attendees.

As with York (18 players attending) several people are hopefully attending that aren’t on Facebook (potentially me!), but the more the merrier!

I’ll be heading up.

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News from Facebook is that the Sheriff kit hasn’t arrived so this will be a Deputy event instead.

On the plus side, they’re planning to hold a post blood moon rising sheriff event once the kit arrives. Details when I have them! Good to have another tournament with all the new homes available, and pleased the store has a deputy kit to fall back on.

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Black Lion Games have confirmed that the Sheriff kit has arrived!

I’ll update this thread when they’ve set a date for the rescheduled tournament. Good to have another UK Sheriff event with BMR legal. :smiley:

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If it’s in November I should be able to make it.

As noted above, Edinburgh’s sheriff event was temporarily downgraded to a deputy kit while the sheriff kit was lost in the mail. Well done to Black Lion Games for digging out a back up set of prizes last year. The sheriff kit has been sitting in their store for some time, waiting for the right moment…

So, to celebrate the return of Doomwtown Reloaded, I though I should publicise the rearranged tournament on the 2nd of April 2017:

I have two spare beds in my flat (they’re in the same room as each other) if anyone who I’ve met in real life fancies coming up and needs somewhere to stay. :slight_smile:


My spare room has provisionally been booked. I’ll update this thread if it becomes available again.

My living room is still free if anyone who has met me previously is desperate and is willing to sleep on a couch.

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I have put a reminder about this event in the Uk group


Much appreciated Scott!

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Long time lurker, first time poster, sometime cannon fodder in more recent Edinburgh Doomtown events here. Just checking, are the new PBE errata in effect for this event? Asking before unceremoniously booting Rico out of my starting posse.



I’d tentatively assume that the organisers are using the new PBE errata as they’re part of the PBE playtest group and the errata will have been public for well over a month by then. I dropped them an email too, so @forkbanger or @vadersjester might drop by to confirm the situation ahead of the tournament.

Perhaps safest to assume Rico has 0-influence unless instructed otherwise.

Dropped you a PM in case you fancy some testing ahead of the tournament, if not see you on Sunday! :slight_smile:

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viz Rico (and unceremoniously off-topic):

One option is to give him the boot - it may be that simple. Another is to have a working pool of 5-7 other potential starters to “Rico into” based on pre-game information (assuming your deck structure can sustain it).

Running out of Den, where every facet of his power was exploitable, I still always start him, but the errata has strongly affected which posse I end up hiring to start off the game. For example, choosing Lawrence over Allie in some cases, sneaking in Jake plus a second Grifter (5-6 rock for 2 “influence” plus abilities) in others, bringing Barton on instead of Angelica even if they have a Cheatin’ resolution… stuff like that.

I have taken him out of easily half the decks he used to start, and nearly all of the decks he used to “float” (as a Q dude formerly with Influence) - but only because he fit the elusive 3-for-1 ratio of Cost-to-Influence in addition to his super grifter powers.

In short - it may be an overreaction to simply pluck him from every deck, and may just require a solution which involves anticipating flexible and situational starting posses by adding/varying a dude or two in your deck.

Anywho, curious to see how this Tournament turns about - it may be that you guys single-handedly determine the current “meta” - at least until Organized Play formally kicks itself outta the pinebox.



I too am looking forward to seeing what meta game is going on outside of octgn.

It looks like I will be the Fun Tyrant at this event, so yes, we will be using the PBE rules documents and errata.


Hi guys,
Apologies for the late reply. We’ll be using the latest PBE rules and errata :slight_smile:

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Oh, Forkbanger has already replied.

All hail the Fun Tyrant! Thanks to both of you for dropping by to give an official answer simultaneously. :wink:


Thanks guys! No influence on Rico means less time spent annoying the opposition while I thumb through my deck with my tongue hingin’ oot. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone.

The powers that be have requested my decklist after I shamefully used three things people hate (108 Worldly, Slide and Taking you with me) to prevail in Edinburgh’s Sheriff, so here it is promptly lest I anger the sinister forces behind Pinebox Entertainment.

Proper tournament report on dtdb.co and here at some point during the week. Shooting/slide combo trying to take advantage of 108 Worldly and then using Shotgun/Taking You With Me to pick off my opponent’s dudes when they split up to cover the slide.

Thanks to Black Lion Games for hosting a fun event and to the many players that travelled up and took part in good spirits.

Deckbuilder · DoomtownDB - Haven’t published this fully on Dtdb.co, not sure if this link works. I’ve seen other people link to unpublished decklists, so please give me a shout if this doesn’t work and there’s some better means of doing this. :blush:

Edit: adding raw text version as a back-up. 15xQ, 14x5.

Starters in bold.

108 Worldly Desires (Dirty Deeds)

Dude (16)
1x Asakichi Cooke (The Light Shineth)
1x “Mahogany” Jackson (Ghost Town)
1x “Professor” Duncan (The Curtain Rises)
1x Seamus McCaffrey (The Showstopper)
1x Christine Perfect (Blood Moon Rising)
1x Clementine Lepp (Base Set)*
1x Eve Henry (Base Set)
1x Nicodemus Whateley (Faith and Fear)
1x J.W. Byrne (Frontier Justice)
1x Benjamin Washington (Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force)*
1x Daomei Wang (Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force)
1x Randall (Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force)*
1x Xiaodan Li (Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force)*
1x Longwei Fu (Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force)*
1x Hamshanks (Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force)
1x T’ou Chi Chow (Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force)

Deed (20)
1x Old Marge’s Manor (Foul Play)
1x The Orphanage (Bad Medicine)
1x Companhurst’s (Ghost Town)*
1x High Stakes Haven (The Curtain Rises)
1x “Open Wound” (A Grand Entrance)
1x Grimoires & More (The Showstopper)
1x Cliff’s #4 Saloon (Blood Moon Rising)
1x B & B Attorneys (Base Set)
2x Charlie’s Place (Base Set)
1x Pearly’s Palace (Base Set)
1x Circle M Ranch (Base Set)
1x Carter’s Bounties (Base Set)
1x General Store (Base Set)
1x Railroad Station (Base Set)
1x Town Council (New Town, New Rules)
1x Baird’s Build and Loan (Double Dealin’)
1x California Tax Office (Faith and Fear)
1x St. Anthony’s Chapel (Faith and Fear)
1x Shane & Graves Security (Frontier Justice)

Goods (8)
2x Guide Horse (Foul Play)
1x Rites of the Smoking Mirror (The Curtain Rises)
2x Doomsday Supply (A Grand Entrance)
2x Knight’s Chasuble (The Showstopper)
1x Shotgun (Base Set)

Action (8)
2x Coachwhip! (Base Set)
2x Pistol Whip (Base Set)
4x Takin’ Ya With Me (Base Set)

Cards up to Blood Moon Rising