Epitaph Comes to OCTGN! ...and Spoiler!

The Epitaph Series Comes To OCTGN!

I am very excited to announce the Epitaph Series is making it’s way to OCTGN July 22nd! This tournament will run in a league format over 3 weeks (4 full weekends). Come join us in the only truly world-wide Doomtown Reloaded arena!

In addition to all the regular playmat, promos, and alt art cards, we will have the following additional prizes up for grab:

  • 3 ivory outfits
  • 1 26oz beer mug
  • 1 bottle opener

Price of entry: FREE! I only ask that anyone receiving prizes pay their own shipping, plus an extra $5 if your prize includes an ivory outfit.

To sign up, and see the full details/rules on the league, please visit the challengeboards link here:


Password: epitaph

The biggest difference from previous OCTGN leagues is you will choose one faction for all your league games (but can play various decks using that factions different outfits). See the challengeboards info page for the full details.

Come join us on the discord channel to talk about the league, OCTGN, and all things Doomtown Reloaded! We have daily discussions about rules, news, and the latest crazy deck ideas:

And speaking of Discord, I see the OCTGN/Discord group got something special there today…


I had a heart attack for a second thinking they had hurt one of my favorite decks, but than I remembered Sword of the Spirit protects against opposing spells.

I like the dual purpose use of this. Clears the Sun out of your eyes, or cleans the stacked bullet buffs from your opponents actions/spells.


Good to see Spirits getting new effects while remaining consistent with the original design diaries:

“How do Spirits support you in shootouts?.. by allowing a reset of the shootout state.”

Beyond that, delighted to see the OCTGN guys get rewarded for all they do for the community. This is a great chance for people who aren’t near a tournament to get promos (or for the greedy to get more!). The Pinebox guys have mentioned that alternative promo access routes will be covered in an upcoming blog post, but this is a great way to broaden access to promos and tournament play.

Nice to see the OCTGN guys getting in to the spirit of the recent article on recent play formats too: “6. Have fun and be respectful! This league, while competitive, is just as much about community and the exciting relaunch of Doomtown Reloaded!”

Finally, pleased to see a nod to the main Deadlands canon in this card’s flavour. Beyond the excitement of the gaming continuing it is great to see the Doomtown story more integrated with the main Deadlands world.

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Not to mention more tasty Deadlands 20th Anniversary Edition artwork! The name is also a nod to a shaman spell from classic Deadlands.

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I’m out of town for two of the three weekends – such timing…

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It runs over 4 weekends total, so maybe you can join for half of them? :slight_smile:

Really, even if you can only get one game in, then that’s much better than none. The more Doomtown that gets played, the better!


I joined up, hoping to see if I can be less rusty with OCTGN. :slight_smile:


Announcements for the Epitaph OCTGN League:

We are bumping up the official start date from Saturday the 22nd to that Friday, the 21st. This doesn’t change anything if you aren’t able to play on the 21st, but allows anyone who can to get some official games in one day early!

Thanks to the Pinebox folks for being flexible with that - we often have more activity on Fridays (and Saturdays) since it’s a good time for the European and American folks to overlap and get some games in (sorry Aussies :)).


All factions need to be reported to me by the 22nd. If you’re able to get in a game on the 21st, toss me your choice on or before the 21st.


As someone was regretting “missing” entry to this event on the Discord chat I have good news: you can join the league at any time.


Hey everyone, just adding some clarification for this event for the story prize. Everyone signed up will be required to play at least one game to contribute to the story prize.


It’s only the 2nd day, and so far 18 people have played at least one game and a few have even played 5 or more games! Every faction has been represented, and I’ll update this thread with the numbers of each after the first weekend is over. As more people play their first game, the numbers will change.

We have a little over 2 weeks before they need to be reported, so try to get your first game in before then if you’d like it counted toward the story!


Hi i wanna join to OCTGN league. But maybe im to late? because you say need choose faction antil 22 day?
If im not to late i choose The 108 Righteous Bandits. Waiting your answer.

Hello there, glad to have you on board! I’m pretty confident you can join at any time as:

  • others have joined after the official start.
  • @Pr0digy “liked” my post reminding people they could join at any time

I think the 22nd deadline on faction choices was just to make initial book keeping easier. :slight_smile:

I’d drop Pr0digy a PM here with your faction choice and get shootin’. Apologies to all if I’ve misunderstood anything.


That is correct, Harlath - thank you.

You can join any time you like, even up until the very last day. August 6th is the final Epitaph event, so that will be the official deadline for faction choice for the story tallies, but you can still join or play your first game after that.

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is it too late to join? my outfit is Morgan cattle company and my octagon name is rockergamer06

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Glad to see you’re on the league table now so the below is for the benefit of others.

It is not too late to join. :slight_smile:

As noted above, you can join any time and if you play your first match by the 6th of August your participation will count for story prizes. The password is epitaph (not swordfish, disappointingly).

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Glad to hear that!

I signed up too…then was unable to use my computer for a bit.

I’m hoping to get Octgn back up and running, and build my deck on there before the end of the week!


Sorry to hear about your computer troubles and good luck getting some games in over the next few days. There are still a few days left to get included for the story prize (only need one match) and I think you’ve still got until the 14th of August to play six games for the physical prizes. :slight_smile:

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This league is official tied for 1st for the most attended OCTGN league ever, at 25 people having played at least 1 game! It looks like Rockergamer overtook Swiders long-time lead for 1st, but there is still plenty of space for the remaining 6 slots of the top 8. (@Harlath, you are just one game short to qualify!)

Pinebox originally wanted the final cut to be 8 players, since the prizes are designed for that, but I wasn’t originally sure if that would make sense unless we got enough people. Clearly I didn’t have to worry, and we will definitely be cutting to the top 8. There is one more full weekend to go, with the league ending next Sunday night at midnight (I think it’s in US West time). The timing isn’t great, since Gencon comes the week after this is done, but hopefully we can get each round done within 2 weeks.

Looking forward to getting in some more games!


Thanks for the nudge!

I’ve made it to a glorious six games, although I might drop at the cut as:

  • GenCon is likely to keep me out of action for the early part of the knockout matches.
  • I’ve made my moment in the sun during 2017’s tournament season.
  • Stepping back will hopefully let me put on my playtest hat and review the top 8 more objectively. This is a good sized tournament and a chance for me to observe a non-UK meta and I’d love to be able to take it in without the bias of being a participant. This might even include spectating on some matches (if they occur once I’m back from GenCon).

Thanks for organising this, I wouldn’t have got involved with OCTGN if it hadn’t been for this tournament. I’ll still be around for casual games. Thumbs up to Pinebox for providing official prizes too.