Indianapolis Epitaph

We had only 5 gunslingers roll into town tonight (one of our other semi-regulars forgot to ask off work).

We did the standard Swiss with the Top 2 Cut, here are the standings (Note that I’ll get decklists out when folks send them to me):

1st. Phil’s [Morgan Regulators] (Morgan Regulators · DoomtownDB)(a brand new deck that he piloted expertly from our finals game)
2nd. My Morgan Stables (She’s more machine than man now…v2
3rd. Alec’s Eagle Wardens Eagle Sidekicks
4th. Indigo’s Sanitorium
5th. Pat’s Law Dogs

While we didn’t have as many as I had hoped (it was a Monday night to accommodate our regulars, but there were some folks playing locally elsewhere…I think they might have dropped), we did get a couple of folks interested in playing again with the fancy kits (I threw in an OP Kit 8) we had.

Some observations from running my first tournament:

  1. I definitely needed to spend more time getting familiar with the tournament software available. While it didn’t make a difference this time, I want to work on a Google doc version of the Excel spreadsheet someone here posted, as that was slick, but didn’t work for me.
  2. I’ll probably do any new tournaments on weekends, to make sure to attract more people. I’m not sure where else I could have advertised, but I’m going to work on that next time too.
  3. I definitely prefer Leagues to tournaments. I think it lets people have more fun overall.

I’ll put up my experience report sometime tomorrow probably. Right now I’m booted at home. :wink:


Thank you Tybar, I’ll be adding the numbers to the storyline tally, apologies we didn’t get this updated on the main list of events and weekly announcement!