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Well, the mod team already have an introductions thread (as the forum is now telling me!), but what about the rest of us cowpokes and drifters? Let me begin…

I’m Dave, I’ve been a Deadlands fan for quite some time, and after reading the rpg supplements spawned by the lore of Classic Doomtown, I wanted to try the game out. Unfortunately at that point it had been out of print for several years. When I heard about the announcement for Doomtown Reloaded, I jumped on the hype train, followed the fiction and then bought the game on release. Then I put it to one side as I was planning then running a LARP event (which takes up all your free time). I didn’t get any initial interest amongst my friends, so I didn’t do much with the game til January 2015 when I decided I would dive in headfirst and went to a Deputy event in Manchester for my first proper games. I had a lot of fun, and even managed to win two of my three games! I wanted to play more, so I kept pushing the game at my circle of friends, and managed to get the guys I ran Deadlands for into playing. They liked it, and we now have a regular multiplayer game.

Deck-wise I tend towards Law Dogs with a Government twist. Expect to see Rafi Hamid and co. sticking wanted posters round town then standing on the Hustings watching Mr. Wiles and an army of bounty hunters do their dirty work. I’ll also mess around with oddball deck ideas and try out unpopular cards. I’m not likely to run 3x16 or anything I consider super-cheap. I show up at Northern UK events occasionally, and I’m looking to get one organised in York since we’ve got enough local players to support one now.

Outside of Doomtown, I also play wargames and tabletop RPGs and LARP. I play the odd boardgame but I don’t dabble in any other card games.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Ladies and gentlemen, if you’d be so kind…


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Long time card gamer who stayed mostly with AEG games, I was a behinds the scenes guy back when Deadlands CCG was released. I was glad to hear the game was back been playing as much as I can around the crazy family schedule I have, last few months I have gotten in at least 5 games in and have been lucky to win 1 of those games, so yeah I am in a slump but not letting it get me down to much. I just need to allow myself some more time to get better, until then this greenhorn will be quick on the draw.

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My name is Dan Knight.

You may or may not recognise me from the FB group, as “that dude what does those rankings”, my sporadic youtube vidoes, or as one of the more active members of the UK scene.

I tend to be involved in a LOT of Doomtown: Reloaded stuff.

I will shortly be sorting out a section here for the rankings and moving them off FB (partly to avoid FB spam, and partly becuase we have some cool stuff planned for them going forward)

YouTube Rambler
Prolific Poster
Rankings Dude
GG staffer
Pain in the Ass
Not Quite Right In The Head…

I should get that on a business card.


Howdy, all!

Brett Satkowiak … Deadlands enthusiast and current Story Sheriff for Doomtown: Reloaded

Glad to see the Gazette back up and running.


We are too. The Blog is coming soon. And with at a new episode or two.

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Hey all,

Scott Wisely here, one of the northern England players. I would class myself as a Sloane player but have been known to run Law Dogs but only the dirty variety.

I am an avid gamer, tcg’s, lcg’s, rpg’s, boardgames and wargamer when i get chance. I have loved the weird west ever since finding a copy of the 1st edition deadlands in a dusty old bookshop many years ago, I didnt get to play classic apart from a couple of borrowed decks a couple of years back. I am totally sold on DT:R though and so far have been quite successful at it. :smile:


Andy Wroe, trouble maker.

Soon as I heard about the re-release I was selling this game, as I was a massive fan if classic.

In classic I was known for being a Collegium player and running tourneys. Well Collegium has changed mainly to Morgan but the tournies I still running, including the world first OP #1. Yes I’m that addicted!

Had a but of success tourney wise (which never make it into Dansrankings, fix I say)

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I only rank good players :laughing:

So I’m George, I make stupid plays and turn up to tournaments still drunk from the night before. I am ok with Dan’s rankings


I am Pierre. I was dragged into the game when it was anounced (with the help of the fiction) as I knew classic (but never played it) and am a fan of the deadlands universe.

To help the game I started to work on the DoomtownArchives and now I also maintains DoomtownDB


Speaking of - Boot Hill needs updating with Swinford :gun:

EDIT: Hmm, the “bang bang” emote thing is less impressive than I expected. Ha “gun” is much better


Boot Hill updated with Philip (and a forgotten soul)

Aren’t you guys running ahead on the train? You might as well put [a major Game of Thrones character that gets stabbed at the very end of the latest book] in there as well…
I’m sure Philip will live through that encounter. Sanford just cocked the gun so far, he didn’t shoot.


Mario is not accurate though. His current incarnation has not been killed by Sloane. Now it’s just confusing.

And Mario’s previous incarnation was killed by the previous incarnation of Sloane! Now it is even more confusing!

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Then Design a card of the previous incarnation! :smiley:

Who knows who killed him? But a Red Bandana was probably found in the building that was robbed where the body was found…

I’m Dylan. I follow the FB forum daily but I only post there on about a thread a week. I played a lot of Sweetrock in classic and Whatleys were my favorite faction in the story. I currently like Morgan in the story but lean more towards control hucksters as it just fits my way of playing better.

Glad to see the forums up and busy.

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Hi, I’m Kirsty.

I picked the game up last year looking for a new card/board game to play with my other half. I thought the game was really interesting but he pretty much threw all the cards up the air and said he didn’t understand what the hell was going on. So I went down to my FLGS which turned out to be very friendly and found some of the guys who have posted up above to play with. And now I get beaten by them and I seem to understand less about the game every time I play. :confounded: