Let's Talk about Blood Moon Rising

Hey y’all, since the game stopped by the time this expansion came out, we never had the chance to really discuss what it brought to the table a lot. I feel it’s one of my favourite sets that I designed, as I managed to cover a lot of holes in some archetypes that existed, as well as provide the base for some new ones. Also a lot of the cards were really cool effects.

I’m curious to know what your favorite new cards were and why. Also curious if your plans worked out :wink: I’ll start

Gateway to Beyond + Mick Aduladi + Tse-Che-Nako’s Weaving: Enabled a Holy-Ground based build to be on more solid ground :grin: Both Holy Ground-makers are helping you to outmaneuver your opponent and easily get to and from those special and more powerful locations (for you). Mick Aduladi also makes for a very solid early defender.

Mr. Outang: I just love the idea behind this dude and the deck it enables. Is it powerful? Maybe. Fun? Hell yeah!.

Hattie DeLorre: Put that fear into wanted dudes!

Post-A-Tron: Along with Morgan Regulators gives some teeth to an aggressive MCC deck, but in their own style. It’s the MCC version of Allie Hensman, but can defend itself. Lula xp’s best friend.

Nickel Night Inn: A little bit more punishment for low values, just to show that these cost discounts are there for a reason :wink:

Sherman Mortage: Anti-Slide options for every meta!

Gomorra Gaming Comission: Don’t want to waste your cheatin’ resolutions in lowball? Here’s something that will quickly escalate against very-stacked decks, without providing them much of a benefit if they squat on it.

Hydro-Puncher: The gadget’s Abram Crusader’s Gadgeteers were waiting for. Plus awesome combo with itself, and makes Synergies with all melee weapons (except maybe Bowie Knife).

Heartseeker: I just love the decisions this forces on your opponent.

Shiny Things: Allie xp can finally shine. Androckles happy as well!

The Law Goes Underground: This is a sleeper card that I don’t think many people realize how strong it can be, giving you a “get out of jail” opportunity for little cost. It’s like a reusable Willa!

I have so many cards I love in this set I can’t mention them all. What are yours, and do you agree with mine? It’s such a pity you don’t get to see the expansions we had cookin’!


I’m sure that awesome co-designer helped make it a great set as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably my favorite things about the set are the outfits. I think they all give each faction a new way to approach the game and/or open up options for deck building.

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Gomorra Gaming Commission is one of my favourite deeds. Great for dealing with low ball cheatin’, it often provides both GR and card draw against stacked or unlucky opponents.

All the Law Dogs rock. Hattie may in fact be a bit too good! Stevie Lyndon and Amazing Grace really help the Blessed chess game out of the 108 Righteous Bandits. The card cycle on Baijiu Jar is nuts and De Annulos Mysteriis is great for getting that game-winning job right when you need it.

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Good idea to review the set now that there’s more activity and people are thinking about tournaments again. Plus we’ve had a few BMR tournaments take place. Set got positive reviews from what I read online and from speaking to people, fleshed things out and hinted at some interesting new themes.

  • Full Moon Brotherhood - even though it didn’t show up much at events I took part in it reduced the number of copies of Jake Smiley I saw.
  • Regulators reduced the presence of slide.
  • Sherman Mortgage is a card that I want to like but I generally like to make sure I can play all my deeds on T1 even if I lose lowball, so that led to it getting squeezed out from a lot of my decks. If it was 3/2 or maybe even 4/2 I’d play it.
  • Mr Outgang - great name, great fun. @Whizzwang had a deck using him that was fun to play against. He’s also a reasonable splash back-up kung-fu due for Rabbit decks (he’s on value).
  • Gomorra Gaming Commission - another vote for this, elegant design.
  • Nickel Night Inn - well balanced low value punishment. Your opponent can send his bruiser to try to seize the Inn.
  • Hattie DeLorre - a powerhouse and I like the wanted punishment mechanic.
  • Thunder Boy - massively improved LD, he’s a strong card but they needed it. As you linked to the old thread, happy to report that @Doomdog and I showed LD could succeed in good sized tournaments with the help they got in this set. Should add that squeezing in Thunder Boy and Dave Gorman was a classy move.
  • Bowie Knife - good card, fine combination of theme & mechanics. Even being on a 3 helps Sloane 3,5,7.
  • De Annulos Mysteriis - @Ijiasu has made good use of this in a number of decks. Nice synergy with Ambrose Douglas and makes for an interesting recruitment drive/election day slaughter/forced quarantine suite of options in his decks while only needing to splash in a few jobs and keep using lots of good high value actions.
  • Law Goes Underground - interesting idea, but I’ll confess it tends to lose out to things that would help me win a shootout.
  • Baiju Jar - is pretty bonkers, have been testing KF recently.
  • Christine Perfect - strong and works wonderfully with shotguns so sees some out of faction play too. Inherent balancing as your opponent can drop a high value dude in play, so she’s mainly a risk to mid value dudes. Good flavour too.
  • Diego Linares: nice to have a 3GR, 1Inf 0 upkeep MS for MCC. Ability also allows some broader deck building with the Mechanical Skeleton. Thumbs up.

I’ve made extensive use of Father, love the reaction when my opponent sees a deputized demon child handed mystical knives that he has blessed. Amazing grace really helped give it the time to build, and is great for targeting a call out against dudes like Allie.

Made the update to shotgun fu with drunken masters. That one was a deck I had not expected to actually work, running both original Taos plus other Kung fu. It just came together. Baijiu jar + focusing Chi + drunken masters is nuts!

Made a dang decent Regulator deck that includes post-a-tron, and hydro puncher.

The new bounty punish dogs and The law goes underground gave a huge boost to my judge dredd deck.

Those are the more serious ones. I also made drunken landslide, drunken showboating, drunken plague, Showboating gateway with whatley…

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Heh absolutely. I meant it as my favourite sets that I participated in designing :slight_smile:

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You know, I never actually considered this use! :astonished:

My general plan for this card was to allow a way for blessed their own way to outmaneuver opponents and provide some extra staying power. But this is a very smart play too :wink:

You’re not seeing the bigger picture though. This card is not exactly an shootout card. It’s a “take more risks” card AND an outmaneuvering card (assuming you force your opponent to get out of position for your “all out attack”, say, clearing production for all your deeds :wink: )

Oh agree, The Law Goes Underground is useful for those things. Sniping dudes with Shotgun, Point Blanking and running, putting your opponents dudes out of position (shooter goes away booted, others may well have booted to join or be stuck at a deed) etc is great and this is excellent at it. I’m just normally out for blood when I play…

That’s fine. We got better “bloodthirsty” cards for you anyway :smiling_imp:


Lots of insightful input here already, so I’ll just plug in one worth mentioning, without being redundant: Moving Forward. I love this card! It is decidedly slidey, but also a solid choice for ramping economy in any deck that runs 10s. I’ve taken to running 2x Moving Forward and 2x Unprepared.

Design-wise I like the “you cheat, I gain” option, as with Gomorra Gaming Commission, Fool Me Once, and One Good Turn. There will always be room for hard-ass cheatin punishment, but these particular cards open up different options and play styles, which is cool.

My general sense is that the new combination of economy-boost cards and slide-control cards is helping to enable mid-tempo decks, which happens to be my favorite style of play (and the most difficult to design).


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:). My honest opinion is that from sb7 all releases were really good, but BMR was my favourite.
Coming back to original question. I think the biggest change of all was the fact that most people stopped playing “normal” slide and moved towards shooting slides, this is the biggest positive. Also blessed and LD generally speaking became much more popular due to very good dudes they got in this expansion.
Apart from that I do not think that there are many new archetypes people are using often, but on the other hand cards from BMR are in pretty much every deck as they are generally strong and this is exactly what I personally expect from each release.


This last set is so rich I feel as though my play group and I are just cracking the surface.

I did not think about Allie (exp) and her Shiny Things! Going to go make a new deck now…


To be fair, I wanted a deed tutor to exist, but I explicitly did not want it to support slides too much. This is why the lowball effect is further muted when you get production deeds. The ultimate goal was a card that supported you for actually playing 0 or 1 production deeds like R&D ranch or Quarantine Tent. And of course, the fact that it’s unlimited in Shootouts means that it rewards shooter decks which slot in some 5/3 beastly deeds.

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Yeah, for sure. I think it is well designed: very useful but not bonkers. The lowball clause is a good mitigating factor (for slides especially), but since you get production back in Upkeep Phase, immediately after paying, the holding is still essentially free. The fact that you can tutor from DECK and discard is where the card shines. Get the perfect deed every time!

I will note, however, that R&D can’t be tutored. Its in-town only. :wink:

Sort of, you have to remember though that if you don’t have the production in-hand at that point, you lose it. So it prevents you from getting it when you’re sitting at 0 or 1 GR usually (which slides tend to do)

Ah shit, you’re right. I forgot we put that clause there :slight_smile:

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