Light Shineth - Pine Box speculation

So we know that Unstoppable Force, Immovable Object is the introduction to the Eagle Wardens and 108 Righteous Bandits and it’s been said that the following expansion, The Light Shineth, is another pine box expansion like Faith and Fear providing 4 new outfits for the DTR base set factions.

So, question is, what would you like to see in terms of new outfits?

Something Horsey for MCC and something Hucksterish for Sloane. Maybe with an experienced Jonah Essex to compliment the latter.

I’m also hoping this will be box that cements Law Dog Blessed as solidly playable at a competitive level.pack


I’m hoping we either get more Harrowed dudes or cards/rules that make dudes Harrowed. There are three right now (although two of them are the same character), and while I don’t want the game swarming with them, it feels like there should be more of them. So maybe the Fourth Ring outfit could do something along those lines?

Is it actually confirmed that The Light Shineth will be another Pine Box? I mean that is fine by me, but thought AEG would stick to the SB - SB - SB - Pine Box routine.

As for the things I want to see: I would love a more shootout focused 4th Ring Deck, maybe an Outfit that allows to boot spells attached to a dude to give them a bullet bonus or turning into a stud.

It is. Unstoppable force is listed as a “Faction Pack” - to me that says “This isn’t a Pine Box”. So I think this cycle looks like SB-SB-SB-FP-PB. That’s what I get from it.

Ok I just saw the picture of the box and it said 140-something cards.

I am really happy with the rate this game is evolving at the moment. Can’t wait for new cards and two bigger sets right after another is great.

You sure theres is 4 new oufits after the daction pack? why? who tell you that? and why no 6 new outfits (each per faction)?

just asking

Was mentioned here. I should’ve tossed in a note saying it wasn’t confirmed yet, that’s my bad. We don’t actually know how many outfits the set will include, but since the 2 new groups are dropping in their own separate faction pack the month prior, seems odd they’d get a 2nd box right away.

If I recall correctly, classic doomtown was a bit tame in the supernatural but as expansions came out it became wilder and weirder.

On the other hand, if the new factions don’t get new Outfits in the Light Shineth, they’ll be at 1 each to the core factions’ 3 each. I’m not sure if that’s the best way to go either.

Yes and no. It’s really going to depend on how successful the 108 and Wardens are out the door. if they can field successful decks in the environment then it’s less expedient that they -need- another Outfit right away. Keep in mind, more importantly, that both groups are going to be more limited by their card pool, both in terms of dudes and their own specific themes (shaman/spirits & Kung Fu) being introduced in the same set. They will probably be better off than the Blessed were in their introduction, but the point remains, they’re going to be new and Design’s job should be making sure they have at least 1 viable deck, putting out and trying to support multiple outfits could be problematic.

We’ll see what they do, they have only announced Light Shineth in name so far, we don’t have any solid details and the source I linked above could very well be wrong and it -isn’t- a pine box. It would still leave the 108 and Wardens with 1 outfit to the others 2. I wouldn’t be surprised if they vary the standard release formula up a bit to ‘catch them up’ sooner than all at once.

My guess is more details will be coming next month when they start previewing IOUS.

If they do kick out new outfits though, my guesses are as follows:
Law Dogs - Deputy oriented box
Sloane - Huckster box
Morgan - Horse/Ranch seems possible
Fourth - Value Manipulation (Or Mystical Goods buuutt… I’m not enjoying that theme, frankly).


Real question here is - what’s the light…and how does it shine?

I dont think theres gonna be new outfits… anyway, just dreaming, i want to see:
Law Dogs: Blessed oriented
4th ring: Harrowed thing
Morgan: Horses!!
Sloane: Hucksters boost

So from shop listings, it looks like Light Shineth -is- a pine box set, but also the following Saddlebag ‘Dirty Deeds’ will have new outfits, so Light Shineth may have 3 for the other outfits? Not sure yet.

Either way, it sounds like they’re going to give the 108 and Wardens a new outfit each. At least, that’s -my- guess.

So, what kind of outfits are folks looking for for the new guys? Obviously we’re still feeling them out with their initial boxes. Really, the obvious choices seem like Kung Fu and Shaman/Spirit boxes, but I could see sub themes being used like stealing ghost rock or Harrowed.

I actually do not need and do not hope they come out with new outfits already. F&F introduced new outfits enough for me to be engaged untill IOUF and then some. There are a lot of cards I havent tried out yet and a lot of decks there is on my build list before I get to the new factions as well and those decks changes all the time because of the new cards coming.

We’ve got it confirmed that new outfits are on the way, doesn’t really do much to say otherwise.

ANR Gives a new identity every cycle and it’s something that keeps the game fresh and running, I don’t see a problem if we have more than 2 or 3 outfits.

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I’m happy more outfits are on the way. I’m hoping that we see something that gets one of the other law dog archetypes off the ground.

Fair enough - I just feel like I dont have time to keep up with it, I only have time to upgrade and play 2 different decks normally.

Agree! and thats a lot! would be great (but improbable) that DTR stop releasing stuff for a year after the light shineth…

also, they release stuff that, with the hurries, can be brokens, i dont want FAQs every time, updates rulebooks or OP characters like Mr Ms (and also this powerfull character goes to the most powerfull faction)… baaad