Light Shineth - Pine Box speculation

You seem fixated on Mr Miss. Honestly, I don’t understand why you think her ability is so powerful. If you foresee that your guy with influence is going to be called out and you don’t plan to accept the call out, you just move him to home before that happens. The only way I see her ability useful is when she is in a location with two or more of your dudes with influence and you don’t want any of them to accept the challenge. In my opinion, a very narrow situation.


Yeah, I’m not seeing how a 2 Draw on a bad value for hex decks is such an overpowered monster it breaks the game, even with the ability.

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All the speculation of the PB2 new outfits and such. With the new pack and faction pack my brain is on overload. I have my decks built for Fu and Shaman, but I have 3 new deck for each build I need to test. I hope the release is down the road and if there is new outfits for factions. I can only guess what they will do and hope the Morgan horse rides to tier 1. I am extremely interested in the story with all the deaths in Gomorra as of late thanks to Gencon and see how that played out and shaped the town.

Keep in mind guys, these are still -months- away. We got spoiled by having the Faction Pack released early to GenCon attendees, but it’s still coming up the first week of September. Light Shineth won’t be out til October and Dirty Deeds in November (presumably). So it might seem like things are coming out really fast but we’ve still got a fair amount of time to wait, especially since we don’t yet know exactly how they’re handling new outffits since Light Shineth is a Pine box but Dirty Deeds is reported to have 3 new outfits. I’m still assuming it’s going to be 3/3 between them and that means at least 1 base set faction is going to be waiting 7 months since its last new outfit versus 6 for any other.

Also keep in mind a new outfit doesn’t necessarily mean an entirely new deck, a new outfit can likewise be used to reinforce an established theme in a different way, such as a new 4R outfit dealing with Spells. Not that they’ll all be like that, but I’m just saying, you can have new outfits that use relatively the same pool of cards in a faction but play very differently.

Although it does give Design flexibility to give support to other themes or give factions a new take that might be more viable (like Morgan for example and their severe under-representation in the winner’s circle)

And… you also don’t -have- to build a deck for every outfit >>

Personally, I always get excited for new Outfits. Besides just being the baseline of a new deck type, I always like seeing how it fleshes out the flavor of a group, both mechanically and storywise. A new outfit is a new facet of the group, like Oddities of Nature showing off Fourth Ring’s side show (and seedier monstrous side), or the Gadgetorium showing Morgan’s Industrial side, or the different locales that the Sloaners are using as hideouts. Outfits carry their own story with them and define the faction’s flavor.

But hey I’m a big geek like that ^^


Sorry for the double post, but the Light Shineth page is in the process of going up. They’ve got the box image up, though the links (at the time of this posting) aren’t working and no page seems to be up yet.

But, 149 cards in the set. Faith and fear was 148, which was 4 outfits and then 4x of 36 cards, so this sounds like 36 cards and… well, could be 5 outfits? Almost certainly 4 for the base set factions. Though Dirty Deeds has been listed as 3 outfits. So, maybe 8 outfits between them? 4 for the Base Set factions, then 2 each for the Wardens and 108?

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149tg could be a token for one of the other 148


Yeah was thinking that too. Though the faction pack included tokens too didn’t it? Were there 4 copies?

Or maybe an errata/change to an existing outfit?

Very curious anyway. Maybe the product page itself will shed some light on it. Still not up atm.

Knowing the last part of the story I think that the next PB contains one outfit card: LD.

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The Law Dogs home has an FAQ/Ruling as its text is a little ambiguous, so they might be including a reprint of that.

The next SB comes with three outfit cards, PB contains 149 cards, 37x4 is 148. I don’t expect it to be 36x4 + 5 outfits cards since new factions don’t need nearly as many outfit cards as they will have techniques/spirits.

5th card might not be an outfit card, or it might be the Lawdogs errata. Could even just be a new Joker.

It’s confirmed to be a pinebox though, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t have new outfits. The product page will most likely let us know.

Speculating further I believe all of “old” factions will get their new leaders. I am almost sure it will be Jonah for Sloane since she seems to be Puppeted, I would bet my money on Wendy for LD and I believe one of MS will become new leader for Morgan, I would say it is between Harold and James, I have no idea about circus though, maybe some character that isn’t in the game.
Edit. Heh, just realised that would create possibility of playing xp versions of dudes on their non-xp versions and that could be bad from balance perspective, on the other hand 3 upkeep minimum on day 2 is quite a lot of GR.

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Yeah I would not be surprised to see new faction leaders come Light Shineth.

However, my guesses are as follows:
Law Dogs - Abram Exp 2 - I bet price reduced based on # of deputies in play
Sloane - Sloane Exp 1, she hasn’t bit the dust. Price reduced on # of wanted?
Morgan - Lula Exp 1? She seems to have convinced a chunk of dudes to side with her. Price reduced by #of ranches perhaps? (I’ll bet she’ll only be a Jack or Queen value though)
4th Ring - Ivor Exp 1, likely price reduced by abominations? Or hucksters.


I’m kind of hoping we get new Kings for the established factions with abilities like the ones the Wardens and Bandits have for their kings…

Fourth Ring: Cost reduced by number of hucksters/hexes/abominations
Morgan: Cost reduced by number of gadgets
Law Dogs: Cost reduced by numbe of deputies/weapons
Sloane: Cost reduced by number of wanted dudes

Regarding the last fiction it would be funnier if LD’s king reduces his cost by the number of wanted people.

And you’d lost pardner, fiction from IOUF leaves no doubt about who the new sheriff is.

Rev. Perry? Ebeneezer Springfield? No… Gotta be Felix Amador! :smiley:

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I don’t get why a roaming, foreign priest has more influence than the local reverend :frowning:

Can’t wait for more info about the next Pine box. I think Blessed are in sore need of another neutral dude (maybe at a lower cost and value but with Blessed 0).

So The Light Shineth seems to be just around the corner, according to the AEG site. Is there any word on a possible delay? The last two releases were delayed by a week, so is this the case this time also or does AEG try to get back on schedule with this one? Next week is Spiel 2015, a very large gaming fair in Germany and I would be happy if they’ll have it there.

I really, really hope for a 4th Ring Mystical Goods Outfit. I feel like this can be a very viable deck type with just a few additions.

Also, Morgan Horses please.

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They’ll almost certainly have it at Spiel anyway

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