Maggie Harris and "Attaching" as part of an Ability or Trait

I have a general question about “attaching” as part of an ability or trait - specifically what “costs” and “preconditions” may be bypassed - but will instead attempt to answer my questions in relation to a specific card, Maggie Harris, who reads:

“Mark your home. If successful, search your discard pile for a Horse and attach it to any one of your dudes, reducing its cost by 1.”

Say I run the Maggie job and succeed:

  1. May I attach the horse to a booted dude?
  2. Do I have to control the location to attach there?
  3. In the case of a gadget horse, assuming I pay all costs (ghost rock and booting), repeat questions 1 and 2.
  4. For all abilities and traits that “attach” as part of their effect*, repeat questions 1, 2, and 3.

*What about the special case for Totems?



Seen and under review by RT!

Thanks for the questions on Maggie!

In order,

  1. Yes and 2) No. → This follows the same logic as General Store, which if a card effect attaches a goods/spell you may attach the attachment to a booted dude or even in a place you don’t control.

  2. You still do need to pay the costs of inventing.

  3. I’m not sure I follow completely here, but will try to answer. Any card effect–traits or abilities–that attach a goods/spell, allows you to attach said goods/spell to a booted dude, and regardless if you control the location where that dude is at or not. This does not override any additional costs and constraints about those goods/spell. Like with gadgets, you still need to pay the costs of inventing ( i. boot a MS, ii. pay GR cost of the gadget, iii. perform a skill test using the MS’s skill rating).

Totems) Totems that are attached by a card effect (Owl’s Insight for example), still need to satisfy the additional costs/requirements of Totem planting (i. must be attached to a location you control, ii. must have an unbooted shaman at that location.). So while a General Store would allow you to attach at location you don’t control (which loosens the restriction on where you can attach), the Totem planting still requires you to attach to a location you control (which tightens the restriction on where you would attach. The net result: You must still attach the totem to a location you control (and have an unbooted shaman there).

Hopefully this clarifies some, if there’s any follow up questions, please let us know!