Re: Attaching as part of an Ability or Trait

Continuing the discussion from Maggie Harris and "Attaching" as part of an Ability or Trait:

I couldn’t find a copy of last years big May 1st errata, but does this override that? Part of that errata, revolving around changes to inventing, that was pertinent to this conversation was that you could use things like Williams Specks and General Store to ignore the requirement to have your inventing Mad Scientist be in a location you control (they still had to boot, however).

Apologies if this was explained already, but this is one change I don’t remembering reading about.

The cost of inventing is now only to boot the scientist and make the pull.

Since the normal goods rules say you have to be in a location you control, those were omitted from the inventing rules. This still falls in line.

And similarly, the cost of Toteming is to have an unbooted shaman and control the location?

Another thing that is not clear to me from the previous ruling is whether or not the invented gadget (from a card effect) must go on the mad scientist inventing it.

If I have a booted dude in Town Square and my Mad Scientist at home and I use Maggie’s job and it succeeds and I try to attach a gadget horse, can I attached it to my dude in Town Square, or must it be attached to the inventing MS?

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This one is covered in the latest iteration of the rulebook under section 7.1.2 inventing gadgets the paragraph thats covers it reads as follows.

If the resulting skill check equals or exceeds the Gadget’s difficulty, the invention was a success
and the Gadget enters play. Attach it to the Mad Scientist unless the Gadget says otherwise. If
the skill test fails, the Gadget is placed in your discard pile.

Yes you are correct @jordan_caldwell, this one is covered under 7.1.3 under this paragraph

Unlike a normal Spirit, when a Totem enters play it must be attached to a location you control, at
which you have an unbooted Shaman. Some Totems may have further restrictions on the
locations to which they can be attached, such as only to deeds, or only to your home.