Main Attractions: State of the Fourth Ring

With SB4 completely spoiled - I’d be hard pressed to disagree with anyone who says 4R control is going to be even scarier than before. What are your thoughts on the state of the clowns?

With freddy this deck is going to be scary and controlling @ Alex you think the oddities is stronger than the original build outfit

It’ll depend on the build really. Freddy opens up a lot of options though.

Honestly i would argue that 4r control doesn’t get much from the pack. If anything it might make the deck weaker if Fancy new hat becomes a often played card and we get more king support. As it stands 4R control is still a top tier deck as it has been for quite some time.

I feel like Freddy is a Huge Boon. Offer up the choice of Puppet or Paralysis Mark, while starting Ivor - you’re a threat.

That could be true, but there is a huge amount of synergy between the hexes run in a 4R control deck. I find myself caring less and less each pack what i draw in my opening had so long as i can play most of it. While I agree that Freddy good as a dude, I feel like his ability is ultimately not needed as opposed to bad. Especially given how easy it is to start a large amount of influence.

It’s more about getting the tempo boost. Not having to hope to get a hex and take the actions to attach it. It’s on the board and it’s particularly scary if you have low ball.

I’ m sure that 4r is totally op sinse NTNR. Dulf is so strong.
Ok no Dulf, but first sentence is not a joke.

Dulf totally has a place in the faction. Hopefully it’s just not in a pull.

I like him. I manage to get top4 GGL starting him in every game, but card that make 4r viable and even OP is paralisys mark. Forget and Wylber are good additions as well.

Probably Frontier Justice will balance PM at last, but not sure.

I have a hard time playing something like Forget. It’s a powerful effect in the right match up, but to me it feels too meta dependent. That said with Faith and Fear out and FJ coming out any day now - I’m looking forward to re-exploring the control archetype and the hexes that go with it.

4R has its own ways not to waste 0 cost spell. Besides using it on your own Trevis it triggers Micah, Mogway, hex slinging and magical distraction.
J is very strong value in 4R, kevin and Tyx are awesome, Strike, Undertaker and Slinging. 2-3 forgets are OK.

That said I will agree that in after FnF meta 4R can be built without J value. Yep I will very unlikely use forget offvalue.

I dropped Jack as a value until Smiling Tom hit and I wanted Buffalo Rifles. Kept Hex Slinging and a Tyx or two around off value. Went King for Raising hell with a couple of powerful Aboms in off values.

My initial idea was that 4R control deck is op, I don’t think that they shoot better then any other faction.

I made a 4R deck with 4x Incubation (in addition to 4x Rumors and 4x Blood Curse). I’m not good at playing control clowns, so I lost a couple games miserably to The Arsenal deck (although I still won the other couple games). Didn’t get to play a single Incubation though. Would be interested if any of the forum-dwellers had any success with it.

Here’s my deck: Deckbuilder · DoomtownDB

Well, ALL the outfits have in-faction Grifters that ramp up their win conditions from the get go. Sh*t is going to get real, real fast in Gomorra.

While Freddy has an obvious place in 4R Control (Raising Hell or Soul Blast? Puppet or Summoning?), I really like the Funster in my Oddities deck. 1 Stud, conditional influence, no upkeep for 3 GR? Yes, please.

I’ve been having success with an Oddities build that starts 2x Paggys, Gina, and then 2 others depending on what I see across the table. While I love it when Gina shakes her money maker (I can ALWAYS lose a card that I don’t need to get 2 more), the cheap studdage that Freddy offers is so clutch to my aggro game that I run out of OoN.


David, I’m looking at your decklist on dtdb. Could you describe your strategy when playing Oddities? What exactly are you trying to do? You cannot control the opponent’s deeds with your 0-influence dudes, and you don’t have many deeds of your own. So what do you do if they don’t want to engage you in the town square, and just deedslide you instead? Is 2x Kidnappin’ usually enough to remove their key dudes?

In other words, what’s the strength of Oddities? Or is it just an alternative outfit for those who want to play the Fourth Ring but don’t want no spells?

and on the LD:Arsenal thread you posted in part:

[quote]P.S. Same with Oddities of Nature, it seems to be more like ‘I want to
play 4R without spells’ rather than ‘Build around me, I have a plan’.[/quote]

Short answer: Deedslide is a matchup I’m willing to concede. Que sera, sera, and all that. It’s not a common, let alone prevalent opponent in my meta. I have tested updated versions of this build and gone 5-1 over the last couple of weeks. I’ll be updating yet again this weekend using Funtime Freddy and other goodies from Frontier Justice.

I do have an article in the works for the Gazette - so I’ll have more to say at that point, and of course, welcome further discussion.

To respond to the last quote- Yes, I do have a plan. It may not be a great one, but it is a plan :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and I can edit my post, but not the quoted parts - so yeah, the double quote makes me look like a doofus :blush:

Not sure if incubation is really the card for 4th Ring Control. Most of my testing with the card has been negative. Most influence reduction decks tend to build up to one super turn where they throw down as many rumors and bloodcurses as they have and win. Incubation in my testing is no different but costs 2 and requires a booted dude.

Incubation could speed the deck up but you have to pay the fairly high cost of incubation especially if you end up having to play 3-4 of them on the same turn.

Plus the 7 value is just out of my acceptance range for a card that will always be in my deck. I see that you have remedied this problem by running steele but personally im not sure if its worth it.

So i guess my problem with it is that i don’t seem to have very many “super turns” with it do to its cost. And its very unlikely that you will ever want to play it casually, even less so than rumors. Unless you were running more puppets and soul blasts but even then its a very expensive and risky play.

Well, as I said, I did some testing with this deck and I didn’t get to play Incubation a single time, so I will not speak in its defense :smile:

Regarding Steele Archer, I totally agree with you, it does feel like a crutch - I have three hucksters in my starting posse, yet if I lose Archer I’m pretty much screwed.

I wonder thought, where would Incubation find home…