Morgan - are we more than just the slide faction?

Morgan the big business powerhouse. As soon as I heard Morgan were going to be the science faction I was there. However my victories with them so far at tournies has been

Op 1 - Lillian hex combo deck
London deputy - slide/anti shootout

We also have the horse/rancher cowboy theme.

So can we realistically create a Morgan Ms tourney winning deck?

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Isn’t there like a whole thread on the State of Gadgets already? And isn’t Anders’ tournament-winning ‘Return of the Quaterman’ in dtdb’s Hall of Fame?

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Well - I think its a lot more difficult to pilot MCC decks than a lot off other decks and as I see it right now aggro decks are a really good answer to everything Morgan except perhaps deedslide, but then it is decided by him being able to take out inf. or put down enough control in the first app. 3 rounds.

Morgan shooters is quite interesting because they give us several alternative possibilities to Sloane/Law Dogs Shooters - but needs a really good deck construction to work. Also these tend to aim at midgame for the win rather than start game so you still need to be able to prolong the game.

Morgan Horses is really(!) interesting and perhaps the most overlooked deck right now. I have tried several different builds (one of which I won a game against deedslide in the GG tournament) and I am pretty sure it can be competitive.

All that said - for Sloane the most obvious gameplan is Aggro. For Morgan it might be deedslide, but both MCC and Sloane have alternatives.

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Morgan as a faction is in a funky spot at the moment. I wouldn’t even label them as the d&d faction anymore they are more of a jack of all trades master of none faction. Their main difficulty is that almost all of their dudes have traits in one way or another, be that horses or MS or even “influence drop” is essentially a trait at this point. So unlike say Law Dogs or Sloane they don’t have a lot of universally good dudes, if any.

That being said the best deck MCC has right now is probably some horse based shootout control deck. With all the tech against Dudes and Deeds and its variants that deck is significantly more manageable just by having a starting posse with more than 4 influence which is easy now.

A bunch of folk in my area have been toying around with a gorilla tactics horse deck with Arvid starting. Its fairly open to different interpretations but basically you build deeds with big guys make money unless they want to fight. By some horses and then use the unique horse based clubs to control the board and create favorable shootouts. Its very good when it goes off but it needs a lot of cards to show up.


I do think that Morgan are card heavy from the point of needing to get lots of cards through their hands and into play, thus they have to push the economy angle quite quickly and hard.

I love this idea though, its a different take on the old Patterson routine, similar to when I did it using Lillian as my starter dropping deeds with her and saying look here’s my influence come on then :smile:

Shame horses are damn expensive really for what you get.

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I would be perfectly fine if there was a zero cost horse that did nothing.


4 of Hearts.


0 GR



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Blank horse is OP, and sidekick totally broken(Jake Smiley+ type of brokeness) :wink:

i think lot of hexes are more OP than a “Burro” I love the idea! 4 of hearts, 0 Gr… maybe it can be not blank but “this card comes to play booted. Every time your dude move boot that horse. While booted the dude cannot move.”

Thematically fix well, causo Burros sometimes are very stubborns and dont move!

or something :wink:

I don’t think a zero cost horse that did nothing would be op given the fact that there are zero cost spells and goods that do something and have traits. Besides them doing nothing means that they see absolutely no play outside of a horse deck. Which if anything is more of a reason for them not to exist.

I absolutely love MCC Gadget decks right now (well, I have for a while, but I love them more now!)

I’m also curious to see how Horses works as a deck type…there’s some really great cards out there, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone use them heavily yet.

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So as not to derail the Morgan discussion further, I’ve started a thread here:

for general value discussion

Thanks Whizzwang…
Returning to the topic… I think, of course we are more than just a slide faction. With the last saddlebags we start to see a very very aggressive shotter/gadgets decks and some Raiders Specialists with Morgan. Also, the figure of Nicodemus change the way to play. I’m trying to make a MCC deck with a starter Nicodemus. The basic idea is to get just a few deeds, and work in get control points with the Nicodemus ability, some Establishin who is in charge and, of course, Meet the new boss… for the moment its difficult, but i think we gonna see soon some cards for that kinds of strategies.

I have a Morgan deck starting Nic here. Discuss?

Last week you tried a Sloane deck starting Nicodemus… It starts to feel like an obsession :smiley:


I have concerns about your economic stability. Especially considering your fairly decent structure. The spell combos you’ve chosen obviously help the deck do what it does. But 1 of each costs all your cash.

Walk me through the plan if the bunkhouse play doesn’t go off turn one.

Thanks Dan.

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Well that’s what the Morgan outfit is for :smile: