My personal review of Nightmare at Noon as Fourth Ring player

Junior: Mystical goods fetch is nice, but we can’t start him because his ability won’t trigger that means we have to make a deck that focuses on A and my recent games show that decks that focus on abominations/mystical are free wins for every control deck and are no better then aggresive Sloane, so for now he is usless, but he has great potential in a future. B- (A- in future)

(That lady at 6 value): She is meant to be used in aggresive decks but she is a draw so we can’t start her because we need power immediately, that means she should be used as on value dude, but In Summoning decks and in low value Abomination/Mystical decks you don’t even want her in a deck because Bobo is so much better and she’s in not Abomination. So what is a point in her I don’t know. D-

Steel Archer exp1: Steele Archer is no longer used because we have a way better replacement, Leon. There would be hope for him if Exp. version was on good value(8+) and we would simply replace him later because his ability in later stages is better then that of Leon (unbooting hex we need instead of Para Mark). But he is on terrible value that means we would have to start him but noone will ever pay 8 GR to start him. Wasted potential. D

Old Man McDroste: He is probably best dude for Fourth Ring in Nightmare at Noon. Control decks already use Out of Town deeds (Pat’s Perch, Jackson’s Strike) so having semi-mobile dude that gives us control point is worth investing. His ability is also great. We can boot enemy dude at our deed then walk in with Old man and use his ability to get control back. All we need is good control hex on K but already has potential as off value dude. B

John “Aces” Radcliffe: With Fourth Ring you usually get rid of your hand because of cheap spells so there wont be much use of him. C-

Lula’s Exploit: Well that’s usless. Back to Pat’s Perch. F

Testing Range: Well that’s usless. We can’t even invent Mystical Gagdets with Valeria and use it’s ability. Back to 2 General Stores. D-

Flint’s Amusements: Potential great GR accelaration and card advantage. Looks really good in aggresive Fourth Ring decks. B+


Soul Cage: Now this is a fun card. Abom fetch is something that abom deck want/need and it really puts fear into your opponent and forces him not to cheat and punishes 3x16 deck structure. It on expensive side tho but i think it should be worthy investment. A-

Stoker’s Sabre: It should be good in aggresive huckster decks. Being able to use Corporeal Twist, Fetch, Mirror Mirror, Soul Blast multiple times will be beneficial. B

Nightmare at Noon: 4th Ring has way to many 0, 1 bullet dudes to make it work. D

A Fight They’ll Never Forget: Looks fun but is it better then Double Dealin’? There will be story where one dude managed to kill most of the enemy posse and gained so many CP that it won him a game, but most of the time it will be one CP for you or enemy and you’ll be praying for Double Dealin’ because you would wipe his board with it. C

Buried Treasure: Wow. Now that is a good card. Thinning your deck, getting rid of extra copies of aced dudes and cards that are usless against certain matchups(ex. shootout actions against Landslide), money acceleration with cycle, so much good things in this card. Finally something that can compete against Unprepared. A (possibly A+)

Overall, this expansion is really poor for Fourth Ring. No hexes, deeds only for gadgets and no really notable dudes(Junior only in future). Only Buried Treasure and Soul Cage save Nightmare at Noon from sucking, but they will not really change how Fourth Ring decks are played right now.

you forgot the absolute best card in this pack for core fourth ring (starting valeria). fate dispenser is fantastic.

Sorry Gra_nt, it’s not a mystical gadget.

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Which is funny, since its a circus style fortune teller.

Keep your chin up. The new faction pack is basically here and with shamans hitting the scene you know we’re gonna see way more support for spells even if there are no actual hexes in the box.

now i’m depressed…

Correct me if I’m wrong. If this saddlebag doesn’t improve the deck I’m playing at the moment/my faction’s best deck, thus this saddlebag is bad for my whole faction?

Junior seems to be made for a Holster deck - lowest value but unshotgunnable, fetches the Holster and equips it himself. The only problem is that you need 9 gr for that, all at once. Too bad the other option is to ace the goods and not put it into hand.

The Fabulous Mister Miss has an excellent synergy with Hustings. Too bad there are too few decks in the meta right now that would be wrecked by this combo. Also comboes nicely with Dog’s Duster and It’s Who You Know. Hey, all of them at 3’ value…

Steel Archer XP is terrible, I agree. He’s too expensive to start him, building your deck around his huckster 3 skill is senseless, and he’s on a terrible value to be a filler. I don’t expect to ever see him on the board.

Old Man McDroste - good idea to combo him with Paralysis Mark. If you can play him off Max Baine XP it’s even better. I’m not sure how usable he is for other decks though.

Buried Treasure - I really don’t get all the hype about that card. Acing cards hardly gives you any serious advantage, and a net worth of 1 gr is nice, but Unprepared wins games. I can see it played 2x in control clowns, but anywhere else I’d rather play more Unprepared or Recruitment Drive. Unless we get some sort of discount for events. Also, you could get profit from the Undertaker, but that just seems too opportunictic to seriously consider. Oh, and landslide will love the deck-thinning aspect, this card will probably replace One Good Turn.

Hammardal mentioned aggro clowns, builds around 6’, and builds around A’. You have some other archetypes in mind that he didn’t account for and that get support from the new saddlebag?

Agree with most - except I think Steele Archer could work (I agree he is expensive).

I could use Junior in my OoN DMH deck.

He mentioned decks he has played and how these cards can be included in them or not and if they improve their existing decks. It’s not a review of the cards per se, it’s a review of how the cards fit in the author’s decks or deck ideas.

One thing I feel it happens with DT:R is when you’re tweaking a deck you end building a deck from scratch rather than adding just one or two copies. These dudes have to find their decks rather than their place in preexisting decks.

I’m not saying these cards are the cream of the crop for 4th Ring, but I feel the review is more negative than these cards deserve.

Mister Miss works nicely with Phantasm if you’ve got a strong presence in the town square. Move their weak influence dude into town with Phantasm, then they’re forced to enter a shootout, move somewhere they didn’t want to (which may leave them booted), or get called out by Mister Miss (and friends) on your next turn. Give him a Winchester and he might not even need the backup.

This really doesn’t accomplish much. You pull a dude into the town square, he doesn’t want to fight and runs back home, and the only thing Mister Miss does is make them spend a move on running home instead of doing something else and then refusing the callout. This will rarely make a difference.

Unless I’ve read the card wrong, they’d be at -3 Influence if they refuse the call out and go home. If they run home before the callout, that’s some mobile influence booted at home. Sounds useful to me.

My point is, they’d run home and have mobile influence booted at home in any case, whether you have Mister Miss or not.

Ok, I understand your point now. I don’t think he’s as worthless as the OP suggests. He seems like a good dude to give a shotgun to, and great for chasing dudes off your deeds in a match against a landslide deck.

My first thought when I saw Juniour was Summoning + Oddities. If you succeed at summoning than you get a free 3 draw, 1 control, 1 influence in town square dude, plus a mystical non-gadget (at cost). Could be a boon to decks that run Micah xp1. Or as stated would work for a holster deck.

Sounds fine like that, but he’s an Ace, you wouldn’t want to run many of those in a deck that actually wants to make pulls (for Summoning).

I think his main role is to occupy deeds/townsquare and let the opponent’s dudes walk into him. I see his ability more as a threat than actually being used often. Don’t know if this can not also be achieved easier by a decent shooter.

I think Mr Miss’s purpose is to set up game-winning scenarios where you call out a Dude when they’ll probably lose and the loss of Influence would cause your opponent to lose. Mr Miss removes refusing the call-out as a viable response for unbooted Dudes in this scenario.