Nightmare at Noon

NaN is coming out 3rd of August and we didn’t get even one spoiler, is it me or we.are getting first spoiler on Wednesdays?

Give it a couple hours i guess.

Maybe that’s the nightmare…no spoilers.

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Maybe it’s coming out a noon? (AEG time)

Patience, every wednesday there’s an anooncement, let’s hope it has a preview.

Previews are a bonus, let’s hope there’s some fiction :smile:

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No, please, no need for fiction! Give us designer diaries! Articles about making the game, about balance issues and design decisions!

Usually the preview fictions are released between now and 1 hour from now (not stating specific times as you might not care what time it is on my watch :slight_smile: )

Tadaaaa! With a bonus: one stone, two birds:


Already loving Shane for my Gadgetorium deck.


Yep, good cards, clubless decks are a focus recently, or so it seems. I would love to see some more cards supporting Abominations and Horses.

Warren Graves is Elander Boldman’s best friend :slight_smile:


And give Nathan a HWG or Asyncoil Gun and start sniping out those nasty Unprepared’s before they ruin you :wink:


They call themselves Shane & Graves - we call them the Experimental Arms Team. They seem quite capable…

Love the story twist - was longing for some Lula/Lillian story.

However, this is the first time I have read a card and was a bit confused about what it did (Graves) - can someone walk through it for me?


If one of your dudes other than Graves is being discarded, aced or sent home booted, you send them home booted instead (obviously only important for the first 2 options) and Graves joins the shootout instead.

This means that Graves can save your dudes from shotguns, soul blasts or your own experimentals gone wrong, and he can even take over a shootout after one of your other dudes is Pistol Whipped.



Now I get it - was confused by ‘plays’ and thought that it triggered on someone playing aces.


Can he use his ability if he is in the posse already?

I believe so, since it’s not a requirement (i.e. first sentence), but feel free to confirm with RT.

Pretty excited about these guys. Warren is expensive, but makes J a really interesting value for shooting Morgan with Remy right there too.

If i’ve got a dude with a buffalo rifle in a posse in a location adjacent to my home and he goes home with graves ability, is he still in the posse?

If it is legal it’s a nice way to keep your people in the fight.

I like Graves a lot, maybe a bit overcosted, but thanks to Max and some Huntsmen…

A pity these two dudes don’t have any sinergy with their deed, maybe it was asking too much.

No, but send rules questions to the rules team please. :wink:

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