No Turning Back - Scoop Hound

And its here…



Shadow Walks ruining your day? Pistol Whips keeping you down? We got the medicine!


It’s a hound, lol :))

Interesting. Two things on my mind:

You need to win lowball to be able to make good use of her, otherwise your opponent might play Pistol Whip or Stakes before you get your chance to take a picture. Pearly’s Palace becomes all the more important.

The price of 2 is actually not all that low. I hoped for something useful with the price tag of 1 gr. But if you compare this with the other goods at 10’, Doyle’s Hoyle, the latter arguably has a much stronger effect.

Still, i’m sure i’ll give it a try. It will make decks built around 10s more popular. And it’ll bring even more Unprepared onto the scene :wink:

Note that once she’s fired off her ability, unprepared won’t turn it off anymore. But of course she’ll more easily fit into a draw structure along unprepared. So yes, lowball is important.

Alexis Mirges? Hehehe… well guess who has a new nick?


Quick list of effects blocked by the annoying paparazzi girl:

Join the posse:

:diamonds: Carter’s Bounties
:diamonds: Shane & Graves Security

:spades: Angélica Espinosa
:spades: Gang Yi
:spades: Jarrett Blake
:spades: Lillian Morgan
:spades: Rafi Hamid

:heart: Clown Carriage
:heart: Pinto
:heart: Raising Hell
:heart: Shadow Walk
:heart: Walk the Path

:clubs: Hired Help
:clubs: The Stakes Just Rose

Send home booted:

:spades: Dr. Arden Gillman
:spades: Xiong “Wendy” Cheng

:heart: Soul Blast

:clubs: Make the Smart Choice
:clubs: Pistol Whip
:clubs: Swinford Finds Trouble


I wonder about the interaction with Lay On Hands. It is not a shootout play itself, but it says to “Send a dude home booted instead of being discarded or aced”. Does this mean that Shotgun now sends a dude home booted instead of acing them?

The card says shootout plays, so I’d say no.

If I succeed at soulblast pull with 6+ difference, is dude aced?
Question is if it is possible to replace forbiden effect or no.

Timing structure of effect resolution is still not described well imho. We(me at least) need more comprehensive rules.

The dude would be aced, in other two cases I believe casting spell would succeed or fail with no effect.
What exactly is a problem with timing structure? Are you asking if it would be legal to for instance use Wendy’s ability with no effect?

Shootout Hex X, Boot: Choose a dude in this shootout. X is that dude’s grit. If successful, send the dude home booted. If successful by 6 or more, ace the dude instead. If unsuccessful, move this Huckster home booted.

I would say that if they drop word ‘instead’, it would be clear that this sentence doesn’t care if actually dude was sent home or not. If they word it in one sentence that would be clear that it is same effect and none check does apply in between.
But as it is it can be argued that if you cannot send dude home booted, you cannot ace him as well. 2 different sentences left space for ambiguity.

A fun little piece of fiction, great job!

Now, if they show off a Jack value good, I may be looking really hard at a straight flush in hearts deck…

@gozik @swider The confusion here might stem from the Gomorra Parish + Dr.Ashbel ruling. It says that you cannot replace an effect that is a part of the cost with something else. Yes, the ruling affects only costs (not requirements/conditions or effects), and it only applies to abilities (not traits or keywords), but it’s a bit confusing nontheless. If something prevents you from doing X, what happens if you do Y and then replace it with X?

You may find this relevant:


My question is more about general rules, I see that intent in this particular case is like swider said.

I 'm worry about card wording templates also. For example I would word soul blast that way:

Shootout Hex X, Boot: Choose a dude in this shootout. X is that dude’s grit. If successful by 6 or more, ace the dude. If successful, send the dude home booted. If unsuccessful, move this Huckster home booted.

That would avoid questions about replacing effects.

I think it’s worded better on the card :slight_smile:

Usually replacement effects mean the other version never happens. So yes the acing can happen.

That miracle is a react ability, so it doesn’t interact scoop hound at all.

Then you cant do X and nothing happens.

If you try and do X, and it says instead do Y, then Y happens because X isn’t attempting to resolve.

At least that is how I interpret these sorts of things.

I agree with KujakuDM, I understand it the same way.