OCTGN streaming- updated 11-09

Ok, so me and mplain recorded few more OCTGN games, this time with a voice chat. It didn’t go great since we lost about an hour of video due to connection problems. Afterwards we had less than an hour to play and we recorded only two games (second was rushed due to the time restrictions).
This is a link to my [channel][1], I am going to stream regularly and the most interesting sessions will be added to highlights, you can browse the rest of the videos by clicking on past broadcasts, although I deleted all videos from there today, because most of them were test videos.
Today’s video is called “first voice chat”. In the future I am going to post any updates on new videos in this thread, it is possible that there will be a new content as soon as tomorrow.
And the last thing, for neither of us English is a first language, so our accents and pronunciation are far from great, but I believe it is very easy to understand us.
[1]: Twitch

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Awesome, I look forward to watching!

We still have to get used to talking while playing, mplain seems to be a natural, I will have to work on it bit harder. We are planning to do a video for new OCTGN players ( not new to the game) but it won’t be a usual tutorial, rather we intend to explain things while playing.

Man, that first match. You could hear Mplain just sigh when you brought in steven wiles. Those first shootouts seemed incredibly good, was that what you expect or was that lucky for this deck? Also you did great, wish I could hear some thoughts about what your game plan is during stages of the game but makes sense not to with you guys being on skype. Looking forward to more.

Actually it is hard to answer a question about shootout hands, I usually add more off value cards then other people judging by comments on forums/fb group, but I very often draw high ranked hands anyway. When it goes wrong though it is usually really bad :).

There is a new video from today in past broadcast section. I use Sloane in all of the games, mplain uses Arsenal and Oddities. Here is a link , the video is called voice chat 2.

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I’ve also uploaded the video on Youtube, for those of you guys who don’t like Twitch all that much. :slight_smile: It got cut into five parts, and the first one somehow starts at 2:18, I don’t know how to fix that, just rewind to the beginning manually.

Youtube channel: Doomtown on OCTGN

Hope you enjoy it! All feedback is much appreciated :slight_smile:


\o/ tx very much dude

Highlight from one of the games that might get your attention [SPOILER!]:

El Grajo calls out the law dogs, Marion Exp. bursts into the shootout riding La Quema and swinging Rapier, boots Wendy before she can send anyone home.
Both players reveal cheatin’ full houses, sloanes play Bottom Dealin’, giving one pair to law dogs (+1 from Tommy Harden)
[7 - 3 = 4 casualties for law dogs]
Rev. Perry Inbody casts:

  • Consecration, reducing casualties by 3 and buffing Tommy with +2 bullets and influence;
  • Lay On Hands, saving Wendy and sending her home;
  • Walk The Path, bringing Wendy back into the shootout unbooted so she can kick El Grajo away.

Hah now I need to watch it :slight_smile:

Weird bug with the lag window. It seems like it’s just not clearing it correctly. First time it happened?

Yes, it was the first time I have had it. The worst thing is I couldn’t get rid of it normally. Eventually I discovered that right clicking on TS solves the problem. Kind of disappointing since yesterdays games were the best gameplay wise we recorded so far.

First mistake, at part2, 2:00, you cannot kidnap Marion, since you had only 5 bullets total in your posse, and Marion had 6 (3+2 (Rapier) + 1 (La Quema)). People always forget that limitation :wink:

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@DB0 I always forget about this too, thanks for pointing it out, hopefully we won’t forget aboit it ever again. IS Bottom Dealin’ bug fixable? I know that this bug was reported some time ago on github, and we run into this problem twice of three times in last two days. One time when we tried to fix the problem manually my cards got shuffled into mplains deck.

I think this is caused when your deck runs out as you’re bottom dealin. I’ll need to look into this, but try to make sure your deck has at least 5 cards before playing it.

Seems like the only option for now. It looks like reshuffling is blocked since it is the other player that has control over your deck and reshuffling would add your cards into your his deck. I don’t know if it possible but maybe it would work properly if your opponent was taking control over draw hand instead of your deck just before revealing cards?

I’ll figure it out, dont’ worry. :wink:


For anyone interested in OCTGN play, we just recorded new video, that can be considered as OCTGN tutorial, we explain interface and shortcuts while we playing the game. Here is a link, video has tutorial in its title. Special thanks to Larik for all his help and participation.

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That’s a bad link :wink:

Here’s the proper link

Hm, mine works for me and yours doesn’t, I gave a link to highlights directory with a comment that a new video has tutorial in its name. I had a huge problem with linking to videos directly so I stopped doing that.