[Preview] Ol' Fashioned Hangin'

A job that marks a dude for acing and doesn’t require the leader to boot! Comboes perfectly with Pistol Whip! …Wait a minute…

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Also combos with Rope & Ride! I’m currently running a lot of 5s in my Law Dogs deck, I’ll definitely be trying this card out.

Rope and Ride is only for call-outs

It’s doesn’t combo with Rope-n-Ride, accepting a callout and opposing a job are two different things.

Also, unlike the Desolation Row job, this one doesn’t require the leader to be in the posse when the shootout finishes, so if he gets kicked out of the fight or flees, he still gets the CP if the job is successful.

Is that Lawrence? Poor, misguided Lawrence…

Wendy will get some control points here.

Also there is option to transmute your own dudes with bounty (travis for example) into control points. Opponent can contest your job still. So question: can the mark join leaders posse? If yes you can discard it as casualty and still have cp for successing job^^


You guys can’t see it, but I’m crying with joy right now.

P.S. Quaterman can lead this job, too.


You can hang your own dude to get a CP :wink: (gozik’s idea)

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People just didn’t learn to trust design yet :wink:

Ah, that’s what happens when I’m posting from work without the cards in front of me. Rev. Perry with Confession suddenly became a far greater threat…

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I never said I didn’t trust them, simply that I was disappointed that it took this long to see :slight_smile:

Dude’s can hang themselves if they have 2 bounty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not sure why you’d want to… but, you can


You can also hang a Harrowed dude and then put them into Jail :wink:

(Or use Dr.Ashbel on a normal dude),

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Or mark your dude and save them with Lay On Hands

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You’ve got dudes to spare, own the undertaker and you’re 1gr short of affording a cheap deed to win the game?

Someone else leads then surely? So they get a CP?

But they’re all sat on your opponent’s 2 control deeds so you don’t want them going home booted? It’d be a very rare situation…

I’m dubious but I can maaaaaaybe see it working.

I have sussed it though. It’s YOUR card effect so you would get the bounty if you aced your own guy, coupled with an Undertaker for 4 cash! Huzzah!

EDIT: > You only get the bounty from other players wanted Dudes, not yours.

From the FAQ. BAH!

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Rev.Perry casts Confession on himself, next turn he marks himself for hangin’, saves himself with Lay On Hands, keeps the CP.

If your opponent knows the trick and wants to oppose your job, send Andrew to an out-of-town deed, then send Perry after him.

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