Santa Clara Epitaph Event Photos and List

Report from Santa Clara (Orange played as Bye)

The winner was Andrew Wu playing 108 Righteous Bandits. His deck list (he said he would post it on dtdb as well) :

“Turbo Doris”

1x Benjamin Washington
1x Nicodemus Whateley
1x Doris Powell
2x Asakichi Cooke
2x Long Wei Fu
1x The Brute
1x Natalya
1x Ol’ Howard
3x Jacquelin Isham
4x The Extra Bet
4x 1st Baptist Church
4x The Whateley Estate
3x Quarantine Tent
4x Sun in Yer Eyes
4x Siege of the Orphanage
4x Foreboding Glance
4x Bowie Knife
4x Tusk
4x Fancy New Hat
1 Red Joker
1 Black Joker

Ck Kyaw played Morgan Regulators
David Orange played Oddities of Nature his deck was named “Hawley Krishnas”
Don Gillin played Den of Thieves
Harrison Osaki played The Sanatorium
Tom Ramirez played 108 Righteous Bandits his deck was named “The Public Trust of Caitlin McCue”

EDIT: Photos added below


Might be my computer, but the pictures here aren’t loading?

Thanks, looks like it was an issue in trying to upload from my phone, will try it from my computer.

Apologies for the delay in adding some of the photographs folks! Some gremlins got into my phone!


Great photos, it looks like they even have a swanky badge!

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Seems like a great day!

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The badge is actually a spinner.


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