[SPOILER] Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force

Thanks to David Hammond!

Kung Fu



Totem is a new keyword found on Spirits, representing the charms and fetishes used by Shamans to focus their tribal spirits and ancestors at a chosen site.

Unlike a normal Spirit, when a Totem enters play it must be attached to a location you control, at which you have an unbooted Shaman. Some Totems may have further restrictions on the locations to which they can be attached, such as only to deeds, or only to your home.

Any Shaman at the same location may use a totem, regardless of the totem’s controller. A Shaman uses such a Totem in exactly the same way (and with the same clauses, costs or restrictions) as they would a Spirit attached to them.


Kung Fu is a new keyword found on dudes which represents their training in the martial arts. A dude with Kung Fu will have a rating (typically between 0 and 4) associated with it which is added to that dude’s value while he is in play. Having a Kung Fu rating also allows a dude to perform Kung Fu Tests and utilise Techniques as described below. When chaining techniques into a Combo, the dude’s Kung Fu rating determines the maximum number of additional techniques that can be chained, beyond the initial technique. Although Kung Fu may at first seem similar to skills such as Huckster and Blessed, it is not considered a skill and is not affected by cards referring to skills.

A technique is a special kind of action card that requires you to choose a Kung Fu dude and have them succeed a Kung Fu Test in order to play. To perform a Kung Fu test, make a pull and compare its value to the value of the dude chosen (including all bonuses such as his Kung Fu rating). If your pull is a lower value than that of the performing dude, the technique succeeds and you use the ability on the technique. Otherwise the technique fails and nothing happens (the ability has been used to no effect, and it’s the next player’s turn to make a play). Any reference to “your dude” or “this dude” on a technique refers to the dude who performed the Kung Fu Test.

Tao Techniques and Combos
Tao Techniques are techniques that are part of a specific school or discipline and can be played in combination with other Techniques from the same Tao. These techniques will have their Tao indicated on the card (for example Tao of Zhu Bajie or Tao of the Jade Rabbit) and many also include a Combo requirement, indicating that you can quickly follow up with another technique before your opponent has a chance to make a play. After you successfully play a Tao Technique check to see if you have satisfied the combo requirement (if any) on the bottom of the card, if so you may immediately choose and play a different Technique of the same Tao from your hand or discard pile choosing the same dude to perform the Kung Fu test. Not all Tao Techniques are able to chain into subsequent techniques, but they can all be used to chain from prior Techniques of the same Tao. The same dude must be chosen to perform the Kung-Fu test for all Techniques in a combo and the maximum number of additional techniques that can be chained is that dude’s Kung Fu rating.

Unlike other action cards, a tao technique is not placed in the discard pile after resolution, instead it remains in play until the end of the phase in which it was played so you will not be able to use the same Tao Technique card twice within a single phase. A Shootout Tao Technique would be discarded at the end of the “Make Plays” step of the shootout, immediately before either player picks their shooter. A Noon Tao Technique is discarded at the end of High Noon, immediately before you check for a winner.


I have just read them once on the way home but I really like what I see. Have to think about the possibilities some more. The Bandits’ theme is great, will probably be my go-to faction for a while.

I’m totally building a Gadgetorium deck with 4x each of Deleporter Device, Fate Dispenser, and Auto Cattle-Feeder, and Chief Seven Eagles as the finisher! :slight_smile:


Eagle Wardens, one with nature. And with weird science.

I don’t get the strategy behind Totems yet. The Shaman outfit wants you to boot a dude in the town square, and Chief Seven Eagles wants to stay there too, and Marcia Ridge. Yet totems can only be attached to a location you control, which is your home and deeds. Really want to play Harry Highbinder in a shaman deck…

Yeah agreed, that seems a little bit odd. Maye this are 2 diffferent themes. One is tokens to soak up casualties for camping in townsquare, the other is more deed oriented. But then again you need attachments for the Chief so I guess you should play totems in both versions.

So many wonderful things happening here, my fingers are itching for cards but I’m not heading to Indy!

The 108 abilities feel like they’re “taunting” the other players. “I’m with your dudes, I’m at your deed, I’m at your home! Come and get me.”

The EW totems make it really seem like you’re channeling a spirit that resides at a location.

Marcia makes me long to watch an Eagle Wardens/Sloane match up turn the Town Square.

I’m super excited and really hope that my GenCon connection manages to pick me up a set.

Really hoping the existing outfits get experienced versions of their kings with similar “If your outfit is…” abilities, because those are just awesome.


Since I started playing I haven’t seen a single outfits king (Dave, Sloane, Ivor, or Lillian) in play. It’s sort of a shame, but games don’t seem to ever go long enough to afford them, and starting them is severely limiting.

Back in the days of NTNR I enjoyed playing my Lillian deck. Ah, good times :slight_smile:

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The 108 Righteous Bandits seem insanely good to me…
Definitely 4x Shotguns in every deck from now on!

There are more Shamans and with higher values after this single faction box release than there are Blesseds after 4 consecutive releases.

I’ll be making an EW deck…but still…c’mon.


I’d happily start Three-Eyed Hawk over Experienced Abram Grothe.
I think for your argument I’d be more bothered over the fact there’s a 3 cost Shaman with no upkeep, and he has influence…

A bit, but I can get over factional differences like that. LD are clearly the “expensive influence, cheap studs faction”. EW are the reverse they have very few studs and none of them are very cheap. Smiling Frog and Jackson Trouble are their cheapest studs at 6/0 and 4/1 and they are only 1 bullet rating naturally. That doesn’t hold a candle to the shooters in LD like Tommy, Wendy, Abram XP0, and Sister Mary.

My gripe is really just with the lack of Blessed options to build decks with still. We have 1 fewer Blessed than Shamans by my count, and 2 of them can’t even be in play with each other.

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Butch Deuces grifter ability seems really solid to me. Similar to the Travis mulligan with some upsides and downsides. You can choose not to take it so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting in low ball (if you see a “10 high” for example, might be worthwhile to not trigger if your current hand is playable enough or your opponent having initiative in early shootouts might suck). Obviously if you use it you do have to reveal a card, but if you’re starting with a Shaman 0 (oh yeah he’s a Shaman 0) that shouldn’t be a huge surprise to see a Spirit revealed.

And of course you could fail to find a spirit/attire, which would suck at 1 extra cost to Travis. Seems like a small price to pay for the potential benefits though.

Wait, isn’t that 4R?..

Expensive influence? I see Valeria, McCadish, Popescus, and Micah as solid dudes with 1+ influence and 0 upkeep. The only cheapish dudes that LD have which are similar are Phil XP0 and Tommy, both of which are only 1 influence. They have no one with more than 1 influence for 0 upkeep.

Cheap studs? Maybe. They do have a number of cheapish studs, but they tend to be 0-1 bullet rating and lack shootout abilities or traits. LD tend to get studs with either higher bullets or better shooting-related text for roughly the same cost as 4R studs.

I meant cheap studs. As in literally, cheap and studs, without regard to bullets and abilities. 4R has Freddy, Val, Micah, and Tyx, they all cost less than 5-1. Sloane has Angelica, Barton, and now Jack. Law Dogs only have Tommy in that price cathegory. Maybe LD have strong studs, but they ain’t cheap.

That’s a fair point, I meant more of shooters and/or solid combatants all around than necessarily just studs.

What is transient? (Daomei Wang)