[Spoiler] No Turning Back Full Preview

Sorry for the tease, will upload the cards as soon as I am home in about 2 hours.

Googly Eye Edition. Stay tuned. Get hyped. Or something like that.


You will be forgiven…when you deliver.

You get an extra half hour for the googly eyes :slight_smile:

I have not yet looked at them either, so we are all in this together.

Please include a [SPOILER] disclaimer in the header, for those that wish to wait until release.

It includes the words “Preview” and “Spoiler” in the title already…not sure what else you need?

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Someone was faster :wink: Official Doomtown Facebook Group | lookie lookie

NOOOO. But nevertheless, mine are louder. Ehm…

Really loving No Turning Back the card.

After all the hype with El Grajo I’m a bit underwhelmed, but at least he’s not a 7 GR 2 upkeep monster we’ll never see in any game. It’s amusing how the horse is more expensive than rider.

I like Ebenezer’s effect…but it seems hard to justify 4 cost for a Blessed 0 and no influence. It’s already hard enough to get enough Influence into an LD start without all of these 0 Influence support Blesseds.

Somerset XP is great though, really liking him. He’s only 1 cost more than his non-XP version, has a higher value/grit, is on-value for one of the best values in the game, and his job gets a free and disposable Gunslinger. Start him with Burton and you essentially have a guaranteed 1st action Kidnappin’ with a Gunslinger in tow.

The fact that his job discards rather than aces is almost a boon rather than a nerf given the Jail. Also, with all the new and solid Q-value cards it’s easier to run TYWM to exploit the free Gunslingers.


Yep, he was made explicitly to be easily playable or startable. And hell, it’s difficult to complain for a 3 cost, 1 stud high-value dude who is an unreducable 3 stud with a rapier :smile:


(Yes, I’m quoting myself.) Actually Q-value is very potent with Somerset XP given not only TYWM but also No Turning Back itself. The free Gunslinger can eat all of your casualties if you lose the first round of the shootout and then turn the Judge into a 3 Stud lead shooter himself.

[quote=“db0, post:12, topic:297”]
And hell, it’s difficult to complain for a 3 cost, 1 stud high-value dude who is an unreducable 3 stud with a rapier.[/quote]
Although we just got another 3 cost 1 stud high value dude who is a 4 stud with a Rapier in the last pack - but hey, that one was reductable! And we also got another 3 cost 1 stud high value dude who is a 4 stud with a Rapier and also has no upkeep - but her studliness is conditional!
Yay, 3 cost 0-influence high value drifter studs for everyone!!

Oh and look, another 3 cost 0 influence huckster dude for Sloane!

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I must say I really like the new Judge, and I expect to see him played a lot. The Silly Judge / Hangin’ Judge deck just got competitive!

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There does seem to be a rash of low-cost dudes with 0 influence lately. Almost all of the LD Blesseds are 3-4 cost with 0 influence.

I feel like this is done to reduce their potency in starting more than 1 of them…but that just means starting posses remain very stagnant. I wish there was a better mechanism to address this. I’m sick and tired of starting Swinford XP0, TBH.


Great expansion.

So, in digesting this set I think this is the first time since the base set where–literally–I don’t know what I want to make with a LD deck. In the past the choices had seemed more-or-less obvious with usually something like 2 obvious values (8’s and then usually either like 3’s or 10’s for non-Science and something like 6’s, 7’s, or 9’s for Science) and then choosing a 3rd not-so-bad value.

With the introduction of Ebenezer, NTB, Vitality Tonic, and Ol’ Fashioned Hangin’ (along with Elmore Rhine from FJ) the Q’s and 5’s value are very attractive values now too. Consecration also makes 9’s really nice for Blessed decks with Felix, Wendy, Mario, and Magical Distraction on-value. Consecration and Magical Distraction alone cover most/all of your anti-Cheatin’ needs.

I’d say that 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and Q are all very attractive values to me right now. With a splattering of Science and Holy cards throughout that I kinda wanna mash together.

I guess what I’m saying is I think the card pool is finally hitting that critical mass where decks don’t build themselves anymore. There are lots of viable options out there, and I won’t feel pigeon-holed into building just a Science or Blessed deck “for funsies”. They are going to be critical pieces of my decks and likely not a heavy focus all the time.


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Oh Avie Cline, you pretty little undead clown snake-woman…thing. One of my favourite cards in the set, I feel like she is one of the stronger 4th Ring characters right now. Really looking forward to 9 values from now on.

Antheia Pansofia
Yet another 3-cost 0-upkeep 1-influence dude for The Sloane Gang, and once again a huckster. Strict upgrade over Maria Kingsford simply because Antheia is out of Shotgun range and is harder to Paralyze or Soul Blast. Her ability might be relevant in a José + Shotgun / Soul Blast build, or you could just put a couple low-value actions in your deck without worrying about them failing your pulls. Even if you’re not playing a hex deck, you can still use 1-2 Puppets to steal Jake or Irving or Clementine for the win.
Oh, one other thing - she’s perfect for my old-time favourite Hot Lead deck! :slight_smile:
Verdict: Solid but boring card. Also startable outside of hex decks (just like Maria).

Ebenezer Springfield
His ability is nice, but Blessed 0 is a waste… actually wait, now that we have Consecration to add to Walk The Path and Shield of Faith, we can build a solid 7+9+10 miracle deck where a skill of 0 would be enough to reliably cast any spell!.. Still, his influence of 0 is a great drawback, considering the cost of 4. I don’t see him in my starting posse, and I don’t like him as a filler because I like my filler dudes to have influence.
Verdict: Niche card, for heavy Miracle decks or some new Bounty Harvest decks. Might work better if you’re also playing Fancy New Hat.

Avie Cline
Now that’s a really powerful filler! At a good value for Clowns (see Phantasm), quite affordable for deed-heavy control decks, saving the day if things go sour (either providing extra influence or soaking more casualties - just like old Avie), and she can also push for the win by bringing an opposing dude away from your deed and freeing control points. She has to boot for that, but it shouldn’t be very dangerous, with all the Paralysis Marks and Phantasms flying around. Her huckster skill of 1 ensures that she won’t fail any Phantasm or Blood Curses.
Verdict: Very solid filler.

Judge Harry Somerset
Seems to me like the best card in the set! Original Harry was already quite strong as a filler, but only decks built around 2’s were running him. With a value of 8, now there’s simply no good reason not to put him into each and every Law Dogs deck! The extra firepower he brings onto the job even makes him startable!
Verdict: Probably the best card in the pack, expect to see him a lot.

El Grajo
Yeah well, I’d probably be more excited about him if we didn’t get Jacqueline Isham in the same pack, and J.W.Byrne in a pack before that - cheap high-value drifter studs with 0 influence are nothing new at this point. Still, with the support this pack gives to J’s, we might see him in some new Sloane Holdup decks. At least I’ll try one myself :slight_smile: Anyway, we need more Melee weapons to make something good out of this theme. Waiting for the Bowie Knife in the next pack!
Verdict: Not very impressive… yet.

No Turning Back
Now this is interesting. First ability is rather situational - you can sell a paralyzed dude to bring a fresh one into play, although you need a good reason to justify acing a dude (unless it’s a harrowed dude!). Well, winning the game (or at least not losing) would be a good enough reason…
As for the second ability, it’s strongest use would be to combine it with Gunslingers - like the ones provided by the new Judge Harry! Ironically, the best card this comboes with is Takin’ Ya With Me, which is at the same value. Just like Ol’ Fashioned Hangin’ and Pistol Whip… I see a trend here, devs! :smile:
Verdict: Potentially quite good. Testing will show if it’s better than Takin’.

Vitality Tonic
Ah, one more experimental gadget for Elander Boldman to play with…
Turning dudes into Abominations doesn’t do much yet - you could get some benefit from Oddities of Nature if this was a mystical gadget for Valeria to invent, but I don’t quite see an Oddities clubless gadget deck right now… nor any clubless deck for that matter. Dr.Dawn and Eve Henry will have to wait for some more time…
The React ability seems to combo nicely with Takin’ Ya With Me, which is conveniently on-value with this gadget, and with Diable En Boite, for those of you who still can’t get that little devil out of your heads :smile:
The Experimental effect is strong, sure, but a question remains about where will clubless decks get all that money for using it. And that’s not the only question I have about clubless decks… Still need a way to force shootouts!
Verdict: One step closer to making an interesting and viable clubless gadget deck, but still not there.

Mark of Pestilence
Erm… I’m lost guys. The effect seems cool, but I have no idea what deck would want it at the expense of Phantasm and all the low-value cards. Go on a job in town square alone, get opposed by all enemies, boot them, heroically die, and make way for your friends to go around town as they please? That could work, if it was an action and not a seen-from-afar spell. Any other thoughts?