The Light Shineth - Full Spoilers

Continuing the discussion from Light Shineth - Pine Box speculation:

Seems fitting for a new topic!
For those of us that want an element of surprise, clicking this link will reveal the full set.

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Quick thoughts

  • Damn, LD dudes are expensive, good, fun, but also expensive.
  • Are horse decks a thing?
  • Sloane Grifting seems a fun weenie deck.
  • Condition cards are going to be confusing to keep track, IMHO.
  • Rullo’s artwork is a hit or miss, more miss than hit…
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The extra bet - is that owner or controller???

Rich Mans Guard Dog - can an MS invent this at home away from the shootout? Or can I only use this if the MS is in the posse (first ability)?

Dang, you think so? The Wretched, Strength of the Ancestors, Red Horse’s Tail, and Devil’s Joker all look awesome!

I don’t get the grifter thing out of Sloane. Can you still only use one Grifter ability, but have the increased flexibility of choosing which to use? And Monte Bank is a good that increases your production?

I really like Abram’s Crusaders. The +1 bullets and +1 influence are both good in their own right, and the Noon ability is really cool. I’ve been expecting to see a mechanic that deputizes your dudes, glad to finally see it. Andrew Burton is going to be an even more valuable starter.


It’s Controller - they talked about this a few times… removing the superfluous Controller keyword.
Here’s a link to the ruling:
“Controller is an unnecessary word on the ability. It should be there for consistency, but the rules don’t actually require it. They are the same type of abilities.”

The way that I read it is that since it can be “played immediately” it has to be invented by a MS. Since it adds in “If this Gadget is invented while you are in the shootout” it makes me think it can be invented anywhere, and then transported to a dude in the posse. I could very well be incorrect…


I like how Civil War can be played on yourself moving one of your own dudes wherever you want without booting. Very powerful!

And Rabbit’s Deception combo-ed with Rabbit’s Lunar Leap is crazy! You can keep bouncing back and forth knocking out all their draw dudes! Until your posses are equal size that is. But then you can finish with Deception and knock out the stud and finish off the remaining wimpy dude you’ve left over, and their entire posse is home booted.


Wow! Pretty neat little set.

So, all the base set guys get 2 dudes a piece, new kids in town get 3. Lots of Spirit love.

The new Kings are indeed Kingly,

Really digging Abram’s Crusaders, simple, flavorful but fairly strong, though atm the only blessed deputies are Abram, Burton, and the new gal, so you’ll have to deputize any other blessed (and you’ll have to spend an action each turn to give someone the trait) Still, I like it. :slight_smile: It certainly helps one of the LD Blessed current weakness of little to no influence. I’m sure there’ll be a Goods sometime that grants the trait too. Abram is about what I expected out of him :slight_smile:

Less sold on Den of Thieves, being so grifter centric is a very odd choice with so many limited options at the moment and grifters largely being useful at the opening play. The ability does seem to work with the grifters parked at home so you can load them up with bounties. I feel like the other 2 Sloane outfits will see a lot more play, at least for now. Edit: hadn’t looked at Monte Bank, so you cna hand out the grifter trait to anyone and you can eessentially lower someone’s upkeep with it or turn a 0 upkeep dude into a +1. Very interesting

Sanatorium is quite interesting, an innate way to pump your guys and lower others. Ivor is indeed beastly and a great late game play, and can be monstrously cheap in mirror matches.

And some nice sprinkling of rare traits, more union/confederate folks, Morgan picks up a Harrowed. We finally see the Mutant cattle! XD But a 2 value? ouch. awful for a gadget.

Also some meta for blessed and shaman to counter getting booted and moved, etc.

Overall pretty neat set. So that means next month with dirty deeds we’ll see outfits for the Wardens, 108, and Morgan.

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Disease and demons are stronger themes here.
Have a look at Tummy Twister - this card almost made me barf. Very Lovecraftian!
Ivor is clearly possessed, and the new Joker is flat out demon.
Sickness is represented by Sanatorium, the Quarantine Tent, and Forced Quarantine. It seems Dr. Ashbel is slowly being converted and will eventually be corrupted by Ivor.

I love the homage to Dave in A Hero’s Passing. Such flavour!
Who do we see at the wake?
We have Rafi, Judge Harry, Wendy, Abram, Gang Yi and ?
I do not recognize who is standing between Wendy and Abram. Anyone we know? James Ghetty?

Yes the +1 adds to production like a deed.

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From left to right I think they’re, Randy Savage Macho man, Clyde Owens, Wendy, Harry Somerset, Abraham and Willie Jenks.

Who goes to a burial with a coonskin cap? really? see, that’s what I don’t like from Rullo’s artwork, some works are really good, but others feel terribly rushed, like this one.


I see this one as particularly beautiful. It looks like there’s someone cut off to our left - I’d love to see the full art!

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Would you believe that I actually don’t remember who all of them are supposed to be? lol

I am certain of some however.

Left to right …

Lucy Clover (cut out of the frame)
Don’t recall, but I believe it’s supposed to be Rafi Hamid
Judge Somerset (I think)
Wendy Cheng
Max Baine (this I know for sure)
Wylie Jenks

For the record … if he WASN’T wearing a coonskin cap, would you know it was Wylie? lol


The same way people recognize it’s the judge without his gown, or his hammer. :smile:

His Moustache? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not 100% positive that even IS the judge.

TBH, I thought that one of them was supposed to be Irving Patterson and part of me REALLY wants to say that the guy we all think is Somerset IS Irving.

I’ll also speak briefly in Riccardo’s defense just a bit. This set was particularly difficult in that we had some artists back out at the last minute, unable to complete their assignments RIGHT at the deadline. When an artist has two months to complete a piece, then tells you right at the end that he can’t finish it, it puts the designers in a tough spot.

Riccardo has always been great at making himself available for Doomtown, even in the eleventh hour. I can’t speak to which pieces they are necessarily or if this piece was one of them (because I wasn’t art director then), but Riccardo took on a number of extra pieces in a pinch, turning around new illustrations in a VERY short amount of time more than once. Riccardo’s devotion to this project continues to make him a valuable asset for Doomtown, turning out solid pieces every time and fantastic pieces on a number of occasions, even in the worst of situations.


The artist (Riccardo Rullo) seems to keep his facebook album fairly up to date:

This piece hasn’t been uploaded yet, but a bunch of his other recent Doomtown:Reloaded pieces are there, so this may well appear in a few weeks.

I liked his pieces already, and impressedby Balder’s comment that many of them were turned around at short notice!

Hope the above helps in a few weeks, even if this piece isn’t uploaded yet. :slight_smile:

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Well we should get him on the forums! I’m sure his insights on his art and trying to fulfill the tight timelines would be fascinating to hear :smile:

This is the reason why I think the 3rd character is the Judge:
Look at the 'stache! The hair!

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Dress up Irving Patterson and I think he’d look pretty similar. :wink:

But I’m MORE than willing to concede that it’s Somerset.

I recall an early sketch of this illustration … the artist wanted to represent that the entire town was there by incorporating members from all sorts of outfits … including TSG. I can’t remember who it was, but it felt a bit out of place that the outlaws would attend the sheriff’s funeral like that and NOT have it be ironic. lol

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I’m dumbfounded that no one has been talking about Dumbfounded!

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