The Light Shineth Preview - Margaret Hagerty

Here’s a new spoiler for The Light Shineth! Big thanks to AEG for making this possible.


Oh wow, that’s really going to give Quaterman decks a kick.

I wonder if we’ll see a Confederate Mad like they did with the Blessed or if its just adding to the Union cardpool. cool either way though :smiley:

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Looks like she has a mechanical heart in her hand, and the dude looks like to me a vampire knock off.

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Firstly, This solves EVERY problem that I’ve been having wanting to run Lawdogs Quaterman. Lawdogs had no in-faction answer to the difference in value versus difficulty on Quarterman.


Really? A mad scientist opens a coffin, with a mechanical heart in her hand, dripping green fluid, wearing a ring that matches the ring on the guy in the coffin, and your first thought is “I bet that guy is a vampire?”



squint he’s got a ring?

The vid is not exactly high def, a bit hard to make out minor details.

So, is her husband a card then?

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Niiiiiiiiiiice try.

No free previews from me!

Is there a card image anywhere? I can’t get on Youtube at the moment.

There is:


Neat! I don’t see a ring on her finger though. I see what looks like a bracelet…

I like that card!

Sadly I don’t see this as really opening up deckbuilding too much with the current card pool (for LD Science anyway). She doesn’t really unlock the 3’s value for you because even if you start her with Zoe neither of them can still reliably invent Telepathy Helmets if you’re running 1/3 of your deck as 3’s. You could run Shotguns and/or Dog’s Dusters in the 3H slot instead, but I’m not sure that Arsenal decks are really dying for those cards.

What I think she primarily offers is:
a.) You could run Quatermen off-value and at least she could invent him without risking failure on pulling another Quaterman. Not sure she’s worth starting for that.
b.) She’s another affordable Scientist (with influence) to stuff in your deck if you’re running 6’s, which is a solid Arsenal value (Mort, HWG, FotD, etc.)

So I think her real benefit is to run her in your deck with like 6/8/9 draw structure for Arsenal with 3-4 Quatermen off-value and she’s mostly just a backup dude to round out your draw structure. Then if she happens to be in play she gives you that extra bit of assurance to invent Quatermen, but that’s a minor benefit.

Maybe not for LD Science, but other than that you could practically run anything with her, since she even succeeds Quarterman pulls with Aces.
Quarterman with Bluetick and Diable en boite? (i have no idea) :smiley:


I suppose you could run her in a Science-lite deck if all you want is Quatermen or something. Run something more like a traditional 2/3/5 LD deck but with Quatermen and starting her. Could work maybe.

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I doubt they gave her that ability with the idea of Quaterman remaining the only gadget dude in the game.


You can not see a ring on the lady’s finger, so will not assume it’s a loved one for her. Since she has a Kristin Stewart look about her yes I profiled dead dude as a vampirish looking dude. Seeing as I don’t work with the dead I could have completely over shot the mark concerning who he is. Either way she has a dang mechanical heart she’s about to use to make the dead dude rise again.

How about an item that lets you raise (invent) dudes from Boot Hill as gadget dudes :grimacing:

He looks a bit like a vampire though (the haircut i guess :smiley: )
She’s got a gold ring on her left hand, too.

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I’m even hoping for a mystical gadget dude, but until we know what else than Quarterman will be useful with this dude we can only speculate on what we do have. She does work very well in a deck that wants to run quarterman and very low values.

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It’s me or the cost of dudes in general is getting lower?

Isn’t it kinda the same as Androcles? Draw, some inf, non-fighting skill.
I mean she does cost upkeep and doesnt really do a lot until you get your Robot-Army up.
Wouldn’t Dr Dawn or Roderick Byre be better cost if you don’t need gadget dudes?

But, what do others think? :smile: