Tombstone Information Guide: Destination Event Oct 26, 2019

Hi everyone! I’m using this thread to keep track of everything in the coming year as Doomtown players from around the world join for our Worlds event in the town Too Tough to Die!

The following are some preferred housing options. We have a block at the Lookout Lodge:

  1. Lookout Lodge: 520-457-2223: edge of town
  2. Tombstone Grand: 520-457-9507: edge of town
  3. Larian Motel: 520-457-2272: Ideal location in town with 14 rooms, but can’t hold a block

Smaller hotels with just a few rooms, for those on a family vacation or want something else:
-Allen Street Inn: 520-255-1159
-Tombstone Boarding House: 520-457-8075
-Stagebrush Inn: 520-457-2311
-T. Miller’s Tombstone Mercantile & Hotel & Ice Cream Parlor: 520-457-2405, across from Bird Cage Theater
-Wyatt’s Hotel and Coffee House: 520-678-7281

The above list is what has been recommended to me so far, but there are other options in town :slight_smile:

The following shuttle services are available. Pine Box is looking into renting a vehicle as well with some specific pick up times:

Shuttles: Shuttle Tucson International:
Arizona Sunshine Tours:
Shuttle Tucson:

The American Legion will be hosting the main event on Saturday, October 26, 2019, with the first round starting at High Noon and Top 8 on Sunday:

520-457-2273, 225 E Allen St, Tombstone, AZ 85638

Currently we are looking at having events from that Thursday through Sunday for everyone, with Friday being mainly a day of tourism activities. We have a few more things to check on before posting that schedule :slight_smile:

Some sights we are looking at going to:
-Start Alles Street Photographs
-OK Corral
-Boot Hill
-Courthouse State Historic Park
-Bird Cage Theater
-Tombstone Epitaph
-San Pedro Conservatory: Clanton Ranch

Pending locations for our social events:
-Big Nose Kates
-Crystal Palace
-Doc Holiday Saloon
-Four Deuces Saloon
-Johnny Ringo’s

The other Twilight Protocol events we will be posting about soon as well. We look forward to this amazing destination event for the Doomtown community :slight_smile:


Some more information on Tombstone can be found here:


Road Trip.

Next week I start putting together the 2019 schedule for my day job. Make sure I block time out for this.



Memo to self:
Thus 10/24
Sunday 10/27
→ block out dates for travel. Heck may even travel Wed (10/25) to Monday (10/28)


Facebook event page created, hoping for link soon to Chamber of Commerce event page :slight_smile:


To follow up on the shuttles, Tucson is the closest airport and Phoenix is a viable option if renting a vehicle.

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I’m looking at flights. I might have to see who could ferry me from certain airports or locations. There are still a few places out that way that I’ve never been that I might like to visit earlier in the week.

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I’ll be looking at making a schedule for when PBE can be on shuttling duties

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I’m waiting for the “we rented the only theatre in town to watch Tombstone” event.

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We’re actually working on getting a theater for something…

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We’ve got one booked at the Lookout Lodge so far if folks are looking at hotels :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m strongly considerin’ drivin’ the 13 hours from Oakland to Tombstone the Wednesday morning before and leavin’ the Sunday, and could accommodate up to 4 additional passengers, if’n folks wanna try’n git creative…


Update: looking at getting a block of rooms at the Lookout Lodge, waiting on manager confirmation.

We also have a multiplayer and theme deck event as part of the schedule :cowboy_hat_face:


For booking as part of the block at Lookout Lodge, contact Krishna at or call 520-457-2224 and let him know you are with Pine Box Entertainment. We have double bed rooms blocked off at $85/night for Wed, Oct 23, 2019 to Monday, Oct 28, 2019.

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Checked into the Lookout Lodge, first floor.
Krishna said two double beds each, meanin’ up to 4 cowpokes per flat ‘less some’r fittin’ to sprawl out drawn’n’quarter like.
Everything goes to plan, Tom (@MadPip) , Stefan (@stefan667) , meself, and the person we recruit into the Berkeley Posse between now and then - using Wirge’s (@Alex ) newly-generated media shiny things! - will be bunkin’ a decent stud and redraw, should some irksome tinhorn come test thar mettle against some of the deadliest guns 'o the maze.
I may need to actually purchase a Fancy New Hat…


Hi everyone! As I just booked a room for Pine Box, I wanted to check in to let everyone know that plans are proceeding and the full schedule will be up post ChupaCabraCon in May.

Pine Box will be arriving on Wednesday, October 23, and can assist with transportation for those not utilizing the shuttle service or renting a vehicle and are departing on Monday, October 28.

Scheduled events will take place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, with the final cut rounds on Sunday. Friday will be a dedicated day for tourism sites followed by late night testing for the main event!

We’re waiting on confirmation from the Chamber of Commerce that we’ll be noted on their event schedule, including a theme deck contest to Design a new Auction card, and some advice on some of the remaining venues in town. Having been to Tombstone, I have a few ideas myself but want to defer to the experts.

Confirmed main event is still at American Legion on October 26, the anniversary of the Street Fight


Great article for those bringing the whole family!

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I’m planning on driving from Fort Collins to Albuquerque. Than Albuquerque to Tombstone.

I have 3 open seats in my Honda Fit. Comfortable but not very spacious.

Seeing if anyone near that route wants a ride while helping split gas costs.

I have a extended family giving me free stay in Albuquerque, but I’ve not planned stay in Tombstone. Im very tight on cash, so I’ll either be camping, sleeping in my car, or would happily take floor space from anyone offering.


We have confirmation of exclusive promotional items featuring historic art owned by the city.

There are still rooms available in the Lookout Lodge block!


More tourist info!

Expect our full line up of Doomtown events early may when we return from Chupacabracon!