Twilight Protocol Series Act III: The Twilight Legion: Tombstone, AZ: October 23-28, 2019 Destination Badge Event

Doomtown Twilight Protocol Series
Act III: The Twilight Legion
With the rise of the Cackler, all has seemed lost. Brave souls from across the Weird West have started learning the truth behind the secret “Reckoning.” In the North, the government fights evil through the shadowy “Agency.” The South gave this task to the Texas Rangers; wherever the Reckoners took hold, they would follow. These two organizations did not work together until the Twilight Protocol was invoked, yet there is another, ‘neutral’ third party whose only interest is the survival of humanity – the Twilight Legion.

Players attending this 2019 Destination Event follow choices made at Chupacabracon and Genghiscon in Part I and II of this Series. The exciting conclusion will take place in none other than the Town Too Tough to Die this October.

We invite you to join Pine Box Entertainment and Pinnacle Entertainment group for a weekend of Doomtown and tourism. Welcoming players new and old, the promotional cards provided in earlier round-ups from this Series will receive a special background and mon as we also introduce two additional promos specific to this round-up as well as additional participation and promotional support just for attending, including faction outfit foils, Legend foils, Top 8 mats, a Badge for the main event, and additional prizes for side events! All side events are free and there will be a nominal entry fee for the Main Event.

The following details the schedule:

Wednesday, October 23, 2019: A Coach Comes to Town
Pine Box will assist folks as needed traveling into town from Tucson. For those not flying in on Wednesday, or are coming from a different airport or making alternate plans, there is a shuttle services available from Tucson (502-573-8100) and Phoenix Airports (602-273-3300). Email for assistance from our crew in getting into town!

We have a block of rooms open for reservation at Lookout Lodge. Contact Krishna at or call 520-457-2224 and let him know you are with Pine Box Entertainment. We have double bed rooms blocked off at $85/night for Wed, Oct 23, 2019 to Monday, Oct 28, 2019. Additional options can be found at the link below on our Tombstone information page.

Thursday, October 24, 2019: The Quintessential Doomtown Tombstone Crawl

Design An Auction: Four Deuces Saloon @12pm. Bring your best theme deck and vote on which player will get to Design a replacement of the Auction card from the Doomtown Base Set! There will be both a price for the Top of Swiss for this event and players will vote on the best theme deck!

Pine Box Meet & Greet Dinner: Crystal Palace Saloon @5pm. Play some games or just mingle to meet others in this amazing community!

Multi-Player Round-Up: Wyatt Earp Oriental Saloon @7pm: Join us and participate in some games of Doomtown multiplayer in different variations of the format as a casual gathering.

Friday, October 25, 2019: The Town Too Tough to Die
• Starting at Can-Can Old Time Photos (336 E. Allen St) we will meet at 10am for a group photograph and then continue on to a day of tourism!

• The schedule continues with stops at the OK Corral, Boot Hill, Courthouse State Historic Park, Bird Cage Theater, Tombstone Epitaph, and San Pedro Conservatory, the site of the Clanton Ranch. Feel free to join us for checking out any or all of these sites!

A Test of Wills: Johnny Ringo’s @8pm:
Tombstone Callout: Thieves take the money and run. Bounty hunters cash in. Unlock achievements, gain attributes, steal ghost rock, collect bounties. David Orange updates this free-for-all GenCon fave with Tombstone twists.

Saturday, October 26, 2019: A Fight They’ll Never Forget (On the 138th Anniversary of The Street Fight)

Main Event: American Legion (520-457-2273, 225 E Allen St, Tombstone, AZ 85638) @10am: Votes from the Tombstone Series, where you the players decided on who would be involved in this conflict, will come to a head as the fictions presented in the Pine Box era for the 1881 Tombstone Saga will come to a climax. Players votes in this effect will choose the outcome as we announce our plans moving into 2020 to follow Jonah Essex and continue tales in the Weird West. Out for Blood and all previous expansions will be legal for this round-up.
Not only are players voting regarding this climax, the fate of Tombstone is in the hands of the players as it pertains to the Twilight Protocol Trilogy. Decks used for this event will follow the same guidelines as Twilight is Upon Us below regarding whether they are siding with the forces of Good or Evil.

  • Tombstone at Twilight @5pm, 311 East Allen Street. From the town website: Our most popular event, Tombstone at Twilight, has returned! Enjoy the magic of the Twilight hour and the Old West mystique of The Town Too Tough to Die! Tombstone Arizona. Join us for Shopping, Dining, Gunfights in the Park, Medicine Show, Cowboy Quick Draw, The Wild West Witches and more! You never know what may happen during this monthly event!

  • List item Twilight Protocol Act III Fiction Event @8pm: During the evening side event (see below), the Saving Throw WildCards crew will be presenting the fiction of the final act of the Twilight Protocol Series through a live Deadlands session!

Twilight Is Upon Us @8pm: Staying at the American Legion and following the rounds of swiss from the main round-up, players can participate in the alternate format for Doomtown and enjoy the final act of fiction being presented for the Twilight Protocol Series trilogy, revealing a major event that occurs in the world of Deadlands. Details for the event are as follows: After the Deadlands events that occurred in The Cackler, the skies seem a little darker, the vast prairies a little lonelier, the distances between burgs a little longer and more dangerous. It’s almost as if a permanent twilight has fallen…Practitioners of black magic find it a little easier to summon their powers. In Doomtown game terms, all Hexes are cast at 1 less cost. Blessed get hit the hardest by the metaphysical dusk. Where once the powers of light bestowed miracles like rock candy, now they’ve been forced to retreat somewhat. By necessity they’ve become selective, doling out arcane help to their chosen with less regularity and variety than they did in the past. In Doomtown game terms, all Blessed who fail a Miracle pull are then booted. The choice is yours. Any player with a deck containing three or more Fearmongers and/or 1 cost hexes, or a Servitor will be playing for the side of the Reckoners, while all other decks will be on the side of the Heroes of the Weird West. Players matchups will help influence the finale of the Twilight Protocol Trilogy, as told by the results of the cut round on Sunday.

Sunday, October 27, 2019: The Duel
• The Top 8 Face off in elimination rounds @10am at the American Legion. The votes regarding the Clanton Ranch conflict will continue and the winner will decide a relevant figure that will stay to defend or terrorize Tombstone in the ongoing Deadlands/Doomtown universe! The winner will also be badged this year’s Tombstone Doomtown Marshal!

Fear Level Variant Event: During the elimination rounds, players may participate in this experimental alternate format, the details of which will be revealed at the event. Gameplay will have a surprise element only to be revealed as players register for the main round-up the day prior.

Monday, October 28, 2019: Heading for the Wagon Yard
I Do My Shootin’ Before Breakfast: Players are invited to gather at the Old West Chuckwagon @8am to debrief with Pine Box to discuss Doomtown, our other projects, the weekend, or any other topics before departing the Town Too Tough to Die! Pine Box can again assist with transportation to Tucson on this date and information is noted on above for locating available shuttles as well.

The following information is transferred over from the information thread at (Tombstone Information Guide: Destination Event Oct 26, 2019)

Recommended hotels:
Lookout Lodge: 520-457-2223: edge of town (where the Pine Box block is located)
Tombstone Grand: 520-457-9507: edge of town
Larian Motel: 520-457-2272: spacious location in town with 14 rooms, but could not be blocked off for the weekend

Smaller hotels with just a few rooms, for those on a family vacation or want something else:
-Allen Street Inn: 520-255-1159
-Tombstone Boarding House: 520-457-8075
-Stagebrush Inn: 520-457-2311
-T. Miller’s Tombstone Mercantile & Hotel & Ice Cream Parlor: 520-457-2405, across from Bird Cage Theater
-Wyatt’s Hotel and Coffee House: 520-678-7281

Shuttles: Shuttle Tucson International:
Arizona Sunshine Tours:
Shuttle Tucson:

General Information on Tombstone:
Chamber of Commerce:
Family Things to Do:
Article on Tourism in the Area: Boulders Resort Honors Desert Setting in Arizona


For more info on the town!


Since some folks have asked, main event entry fee will be $20.
Make sure to bring some $ on the tourist day for entry into some of the town exhibits :cowboy_hat_face:


Tombstone 12-passenger van secured for Pine Box. Let us know if you need a lift and we’ll also coordinate with other players with vehicles on site to make sure everyone gets to and from the town too tough to die safely for those that need assistance :slight_smile:


Facebook page for the event here!

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From the Chamber of Commerce, about the town:

It is three blocks of old west American History … coupled with a million miles of guest expectations.
Tombstone is a living town. It is not a theme park. It doesn’t have a designated time to Open or to Close.
The Towns People/Residents are devoted, passionate, driven and sometimes Over the Top about Promoting the Town that they love - Tombstone AZ.
All the business throughout Tombstone AZ are individually owned. There are no chain/big box businesses.
A lot of the Town folks (men and women) that you see on the street dressed in period clothing are volunteers from various groups here in Tombstone. You’ll see them whether it is 100 degrees or 30 degrees out talking to guests about Tombstone AZ.
There is a love for Tombstone AZ and for the United States, from the Towns People here in Tombstone AZ. That Love is palpable… you can feel it.
All of the Towns People together try to provide the guests the best Tombstone AZ experience possible. We aren’t always successful … but we are always moving forward. We are the “Town Too Tough to Die.”


New article on Johnny Ringo!


We will be taking a dinner break to head outside for this event: the one listed is for Aug 24 but there is one again on Oct 26


Fancied up version!


As a note on scheduling for Saturday: the 6pm Twilight is Upon Us event may be delayed so that players can attend the Tombstone at Twilight event in town that is from 5pm-8pm. We will keep folks updated on this and plan accordingly :slight_smile:


There will be a Deadlands role-playing session Friday evening as well hosted by Shane Hensley. Slots will be open based on charity donations. More details to follow!


Some history of the town!

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More history!

For those checking out the surrounding area:

There are 2 rooms left in our block at the Lookout Lodge as a heads up for anyone who hasn’t booked a room yet and would like to join us there!

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Some news on our guests!


A pre-registration form will be posted this week and all who pre-reg will receive a foil Legend! Once the link is available we will post it!

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The pre-registration link is now live and guarantees your foil Legend!

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In 2 weeks we’re joined by the creator of Deadlands himself!!!