Twilight Protocol Series Act III: The Twilight Legion: Tombstone, AZ: October 23-28, 2019 Destination Badge Event

A couple reminders if you haven’t preregistered yet please do so and if you’re riding the Pine Express let us know! Currently we have airport pickups at 4p-5p for a few folks and another at 930p. Email your info to

One week!!!

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I’ll be hosting a Call-Out event (twisted and tweaked from similar events I’ve hosted at Gencon in years past) on Friday 10/25 @ Johnny Ringo’s.

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Anyone besides Carter and Zac bringing Classic decks? I don’t need to lose to those two bad hombres yet again, but happy to spill blood over new blood.

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If @Alex is coming rumor has it there are new classic decks he done whipped up?

Is this Bicycle or regular?

Regular and the Showdown at Clanton Ranch, but if there’s interest in Bicycle we can designate a table for that as well!

Saturday events updated with the WildCards and town event, see above!

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Pre-reg link will remain active until last of the foil Legend is accounted for, if you have not signed up and sent payment yet I recommend doing so :slight_smile:


Will you post updates from Tombstone?

We will! On here, Facebook, and Discord!

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It’d be nice, too, to post a daily wrap-up on Board Game Geek.

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CHANGE: Multiplayer callout Thursday 7p will be at Wyatt Earp Oriental Saloon not Doc Holliday

I was able to play a version of multiplayer at GenCon in which after 6(?) turns Sloane calls out Wendy.
Is this new multiplayer another version or a tweek?

That was one of the variants played tonight Yes!

Zachary Seldon took top of swiss in the theme deck event!

David Winner was voted top theme deck!


Photos and results to follow.

Dinner at 6pm Longhorn on Allen Street open invitation to join Shane and Jodi from Pinnacle!

The kill board representing latest fiction with the promos!


There is some new classic Jank I whipped up - but as time came to tell, I was not in attendance.

“Classic Jank” - Now there’s a string of synonyms if I ever saw one…


It’s janky by classic’s standards.

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