UNOFFICIAL Dirty Deeds SB7 Spoilers thread (through 11/16/2015)

Dirty Deeds SB7 is apparently ‘out in the wild’ 2 weeks before its street date of 11/16/2015.
Please post UNOFFICIAL spoilers/discussion here. Anywhere else will be deleted.
(OFFICIAL spoilers are single cards spoiled by recognized blogs/podcasts etc.)

I know that it’s not cool for the hype and for those who love to wait patiently for their daily spoilers, but I would be really glad to see the full spoil of this SB, cause I’m really curious about the last 3 outfit it will bring !

Go boardgamegeek ? …

So, is there any solid info on this or just “I got 'em and ooooh boy, they’re something something dudes something”?

The World want to know!
Call Out !!! ^^


And here I was thinking the set came out the 7th anyway. Well, not going to complain. Eager to see what the new outfits are like :slight_smile:

The spoiled images are up on face book now. I can link to the imgur if given the ok. Otherwise, wink wink, it’s available if you look on facebook doomtown group.

Wow, some interesting cards! Another set with Wardens and 108 getting the extra dudes. Some neat Outfits! Morgan horses, Warden Totems, and 108 card draw. A 108 Blessed, another Shaman 2 warden, and quite a number of neat story elements, lot of new and old grudges it looks like! Looks like a good set

YOu can post links and discuss spoilers in this thread just fine.

Here’s the link to the spoilers:

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Not convinced by the EW outfit but the 108’s seems very nice !
Horse MCC : at last !

Some new melee who seems pretty cool : 10&8 values ! Adding to the good miracle values . with Samson it seems that the blessed deck could be interesting

The Tao Technique seems very strong . Will test
Hustled could be an interesting card in the last SL outfit too…

À very very good Saddlebag !

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Some cool stuff there that expands on some of the newer themes (and Morgan horses!). More melee weapons, more medical types to combat the plague and Ulysses gets a drinking buddy. I have an idea for a 108 abomination deck already, plus you now have more opportunities to make hammer time jokes and annoy your opponents!

I’d be very interested to find out the cost of “Hustled”, seems very strong if it costs 0 GR to play.

Really happy about Morgan Stables, I will definitely be playing the shit out of this. I absolutely love the Horse related actions in the game, they’re all fairly high strength. Being able to go full out on cheap horses to push and pull your dudes around sounds like a fun time :slight_smile:

Jael’s Guile is really great.
1.) Provides strong Cheatin’ punishment outside of clubs.
2.) Wanted punishment while still being viable outside of LDs.
3.) Combos well with Erik and Crusaders in general.
4.) Supplies Blessed decks with Cheatin on a value they already want to run, which they couldn’t really do before.
5.) Including it is still a meaningful choice because it competes with Walk The Path, which is one of the best Miracles.


I wonder if Tlaloc’s Furies may help address the Confession issue (in that so many Blesseds have 0 skill ratings). At 2GR it’s a bit expensive, but you get a big oomph out of it on Erik out of Crusaders. Maybe something with 5/8/K draw structure.

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Or put them on Rev. Perry and start tossing around 3+ GR worth of bounties on people. Yikes o.o

Sure, but most punishment doesn’t care if you have 3+ bounty, so you start running into diminishing returns a bit.

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised that I feel Jael’s Guile and Tlaloc’s Furies open up the deckbuilding options for Blessed decks perhaps more than a lot of the new Miracles have :slight_smile: I could see something like a 5/8/K deck that focuses around Wanted punishment or I could see something like 6/9/10 that does a bit more of a Durable Shooter approach (though the latter lacks aggro, unless you build it out of the Arsenal maybe).


Tlaloc’s Furies is a great addition to blessed decks as it not only supports the melee theme but also helps with the relatively low skill of the blessed dudes. I can see this being played off-value as well as enabling 8s as a draw value for blessed decks.

Quick question regarding Jael’s Guile: I guess it is meant to work that the opponent can not boot a already booted dude, but is there a rule that states this? Sorry if there is a obvious answer to this that I am overlooking from memory right now.

I find this sort of humourous since they seem thematically a lot more linked to Shaman’s. Spirit Dance and Red Horse Tail are the only two Spirits that need a boost to the skill check to easily use.

I think the idea is that if they have a booted-wanted dude, they have to discard them.

If you could boot already booted dudes then the Boot cost on abilities would be meaningless.

This goes back to the original Unprepared technical errata. The action fizzled if you targeted an already booted dude because the condition stated “Boot a dude” and it was ruled you could not boot a dude that was already booted, so the condition was not met and it fizzled.