Values in need of some love?

I’ve split this discussion off from here:

We got side tracked talking about which values we think need a little attention and which ones are getting crowded and hard to choose your cards for.

8’s are getting tougher and tougher to choose your cards, as are 7’s.

However which values do you think need some attention? What would it take to make you run them?

Kings for example or rather barren, Fancy New Hat has been a welcome edition, but can you run 14 K values in a heavy shooter? Why would you when 3 / 7 / 8 is so good?

I’d like to eventually see another non-gadget good at 3. Something less pricey than 3 gr that allows me to run 2 shotguns with something else.

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I think that we need a new cheap horse at 8♥

It’ would be on value with Ridden Down, and we could use some useful non-gadget goods at this popular value besides Quickdraw Handgun (no, The Evidence doesn’t count). Especially something that would increase mobility

Im always a little vary about supporting value 8 as it is quite well off as I see it…

But we could at least have a third deed at 8♦!

Actually, maybe Gomorra Jail would actually be good at this value.

While i agree that there are a lot of good cards at 8 most of those cards are in the same suits (clubs and spades…but mostly clubs) so their hearts and diamonds are a little lacking atm, especially outside of trait based decks.

Common guys, do you really think that there is not enough 8 value decks in meta? I believe there are a lot of values that not strong enough and 8s not one of them.

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Yeah 8’s are pretty solid really. Another option at :diamonds: might be nice, but I’m not too bothered for now.

I would love to see 2, 5 an 9 get some love. Very few decks runs these values at the moment.

Dunno about 2 and 9, but 5 has pistol whips, 3 awesome deeds, mustang and pearl. I think it is very strong now.


It’s a good point, but you are pretty much running pistol whip or not running 5’s.

Unlike the 8 value which is slowly filling with a lot of difficult decisions.

7’s are the same, kidnapping or pinned down, or a couple of each?

Once the card pool fills out more, every value should get those kinds of tough decisions , not “do I like this card, I’ll run that value”


Hiding in shadows one of the most undervalued cards I think. Also under the weather is intresting in controldecks. Yep pistol whip is very strong, but that does not make 5 value weak in any means.


There are a huge amount of values that are to the point of “they just need one good x and then they are amazing”
For example 10’s Q’s J’s 9’s and Even 8’s would like something that required a little less commitment in the goods department.

Most of the lower values are actually pretty well developed even if they suffer somewhat for being low values.

5s are good just cause they are one of the values in the game where a lot of the out of faction options are actually possible. Lots of cheap(er) high influence and/or high bullet drops in that value.

Here’s a problem I spotted.

I want to build a 4R deck around 8’s, 9’s, and Q’s, so that I have access to the best control spells: Paralysis Mark, Phantasm, and Blood Curse, and be able to reliably cast them with a huckster 1. Dudes and deeds at these values are all quite decent, but for actions my to-go default options are: This’ll Hurt in the Mornin’, Cheatin’ Varmint, and It’s Not What You Know. Wow, 12x cheatin’ punishment, you better not show me anything illegal! Okay, I can take 2x Rumors, 2x Takin’ Ya With Me, and eh, 2x Tail Between Yer Legs? That’s awkward, I’d rather have some more useful bullet-reducing actions, but at higher values the only thing we got is Unprepared. It’s good, but it’s literally the only option.

Next, I want to build a Morgan deck around Louis Pasteur. Let’s see what useful gadgets we have at 8+ values: Flame-Thrower/Force Field, Mechanical Horse, Bio-Charged Neutralizer… Hey, same 8-9-Q structure! And same problems with it. Eh, I guess I can take some Ridden Down to make use of those horses… Still no bullet-reducing actions, and no forced callout options - clowns don’t really need those but scientists do. So what now, do I take K’s for EDS and Auto-Cattle Feeders? (or maybe some hats for my Quatermen).

Maan, I’d love me some high-value bullet-reducing tide-turning shootout actions.

I think it’s balance issue.
Why whould you ever use 3s in your skill deck if you can achieve same effect with high ranked cards.


For Quaterman and Telepathy Helmet. For Soul Blast and Puppet. For Lay On Hands. Not for Sun In Yer Eyes, that’d be lame and boring!

Why would you not be running 4 of these in a hex control deck? They’re amazing

“Repulsing” is the word I use for 4x Rumors 4x Blood Curse decks. Also, “Cancer”. It’s almost as bad as Landslide.

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I use the term ‘effective’ :slight_smile: ok, sometimes ‘boring’.

Kings is new topnotch value if you thought that 8+Q is Canser;)

For me the weakest values are: 9,J ( outside of 4th ring), and K.

I really want to build a K deck. The hat is awesome for fleshing out the value, but since the dudes are all prohibitively expensive to get into play and the deeds are just not quite there you’re effectively running them just to shoot with :cry: