What is Blood Moon Rising enabling for you?

So with the release of the final set for Doomtown:Reloaded, I’m hoping the provided outfits and cards enable some fun archetypes and interesting jank. What decks do you plan to make with the new cards? Anything you had planned that wasn’t working until now?


A decent miracle deck : tutorable miracles with the mexican priest will be strong


Along with Tutorable Tlalocs! :slight_smile:


Tutor for “The Lord Provides” with the good Father, then use it to dig for the cards you need. :smiley:

Tempted to give LD blessed another shot - still vulnerable to unprepared, but worth rolling with the risk for the fun of it!

Similarly, standard Law Dog decks got a big boost from Hattie and “Thunder Boy” Nabbe. Solid starting dudes, reasonably priced. Opens up a lot of options for Law Dogs that didn’t work before due to expensive dudes/low value vulnerability.

Beyond that, Full Moon Brotherhood opens up totally new deck styles for Fourth Ring and alters the meta by making Jake Smiley much riskier.

Diego Linares ticks several boxes - a zero upkeep mad scientist for 3GR (first of his kind?) and opens up a mechanical skeleton deck that can pack shotguns (if you use the memorial ranch to reliably hit difficult 9 checks). Crazy, or just crazy enough to work?


Yep, definitely looking forward to playing with Blessed again. Father Tolarios is great, and Amazing Grace, Hattie DeLorre and a splashable Stevie Lyndon has made Queens a value to build around again for Blessed Dogs. Amazing Grace could also do some good work in a swarm deck for any faction. With those things, a cool new home and “Thunder Boy” being pushed forward this box gave Law Dogs a massive boost.

I’ve been trying to figure out a janky Tolarios-fuelled mystical goods/abominations deck. Use the good Father to find Soul Cages and Amazing Grace and send your monsters out to take over the town!

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I was also going to mention Diego, but @Harlath beat me to it!

Only problem with this strategy is that you won’t deny production.

It’s got other dudes for that, not just abominations :slight_smile:
Also, Knight’s Chasuble is a Mystical goods that gives influence. I doubt I’ll have this deck ready for the Huddersfield Sheriff event though.

I think with a new home pure clown control might be a thing again ( by pure I mean not stacked deck that avoids shootouts), although I am not to sure if the match up against Regulators won’t be too risky.

Additionally I think clowns are going to become really popular once people realise how powerful new home ability is ( especially in combitation with Forget ).

I think for majority of the players Regulators are going to to replace Stables, there are very few decks for which Stables are better. Btw horses decks are really srrong and I think it is good for a game.

Slide is going to have a few very bad match ups and finally it is going to be a risky deck to play.


I’m still processing much of it. Off the top of my head, I’m looking at a Drunken Masters update to Armadillo Doomsday Shotgun, can’t wait to turn the Mayors office and the 1st Baptist Church into saloons:smiling_imp:.
New decks I’m looking at the possibility of landslide powered by miracles with Amazing Grace, or Showboating Miracles.
For fun, I’m considering a fun, less serious deck that focuses on surprising people with studs. Bowie knife and Raising the stakes would seem to work together. Once your opponent sees it, they will be hesitant to go after your typical non shooters.
Also will have to try a Yagn-Puncher deck. Krammer can become an 8 stud 2 inf who can’t be whipped.

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Wardens control.
The 6 Harrowed Stances of the Drunken Bull
Law Dogs - Die Hard, Megahard
The Hunt. Sponsored by the Baddies formerly known as 4R

And that is just on top of my head :smile:

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Between the new 4r outfit and Shiny things, it feels like 4R will have agro builds that aren’t strictly reliant upon abominations or hucksters (but of they course could be, if wanted to). In the past, 4R builds for LH (hit and run versions, or abomination focused) or agro jobs decks haven’t really had a home that works the best for them. The base outfit isn’t bad, with it’s 19 stash; Oddities is ok, since you may be able to occasional use the TS booting action; and Sanatorium isn’t bad either with the minor value and bullet penalty.

The new home though, is geared towards actively hunting down individual targets, and as a control action it can be used to nullify some pesky traits: Jake Smiley, Clementine Lepp, Barton or Tommy, Aims Brothers, those absurdly good 108 blanket bonuses from Longwei Fu or Forster Cooke, to name a few.

It’s personal preference, but I’m a big fan of outfits or deck types that force interaction, and this outfit seems just perfect for that. But it looks like it’s going to take some tactics to get an effective use out of it, and the conditional card draw or GR generation.

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BMR is finally enabling me to make a deck using Ol Howard that ISNT jank!!! I didn’t think this was possible (and sorry to any folks who have Ol Howard decks… I don’t think I’ve seen a non-jank one yet).

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I actually think that a new home is good for both super aggro and for avoiding shootouts while casting nasty spells. I intend to stream some games in which I use FMB as soon as the new expansion is added to OCTGN client.


okay, you got me, what can you possibly have in mind? give us a hint!

You might get a hint when the Gazette set review goes live :wink:


What Doomdog said :slight_smile:

Credit to @Inverted for putting the final piece in place on that one.

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Hint: even ghosts like to drink.

Hattie and “Thunder Boy” proved their worth today in Huddersfield, helping myself and @Harlath into the top eight cut at a 24-player Sheriff (sadly neither of us took the badge). Law Dogs Bounty/Deputy decks have a solid cast of dudes to choose from now.


Quite so - there’s been a significant upgrade to starting personnel for Law Dogs. Well done for showing the faction can do well in a large field.

I’ll upload my deck (with tournament report) once dtdb has the new cards. You can play a fairly orthodox, solid Law Dog deck now and compete, even if it’s not an absolute “top tier” (yuck?) deck, you can give most others a good match.

I see Facebook has cruelly written out my status as an existing double Sheriff. I’ll be demand a judge’s enquiry from Harry Somerset. :wink: