What is your favorite Value and why?

Okay there was a thread on facebook on cards values and why people use that value the most. This question is for the community what is your favorite value spot in the the game. My personal favorite right now at this point is going to be the 8 spot which is probably the most obvious. Lane, Steven, Milt, The Ghostly Gun and a few more are great dudes with amazing stats. The actions have one of the most impact cheatin’ punishment, a way to gain GR, control influence. The heart spot supports gadget fun with the flame-thrower and the force field, has probably the most talked about hex in the game with support for other outfits. Circle M, Lula’s, and Pat’'s Perch are deeds to gain advantage through cards or with Lula’s can fuel Science in a whole lot of good ways. Community here is a call out what is your value and why?

J, Q, K because I’m a story dork and high value dudes are always the movers and shakers in town.

Gameplay wise, I don’t have a specific preference honestly.

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8-Q because of good dudes, nice events, awesome deeds and broken hexes.

Kidnap - best spot removal card in game
Pinned Down - no, your Brute is NOT covering your casualties
Blake Ranch - most efficient GR genertion
Pinto - anti-send home
Ulyses for removing Clem from saloons vs slide
Auto-revolver - seriously powerful effect
Shield of Faith - one of the best Miracles


A 8 J

More characters here

8’s for the reasons given above. Off 8’s, I’ll go ahead and go with 3’s:

Dudes: Tommy Harden (he’s so good, I splash him OOF), Ramiro, Lawrence, Gina, Freddy
Goods /spell : Shotgun, Ace in the Hole, Dog’s Duster
Deeds: 1rst Baptist Church, Hustings, Yan Li’s
Actions: Sun in Yer Eyes, Stakes Just Rose, It’s Who You Know, Sun in Yer Eyes (it’s so good, I had to mention it tweice), Auction (just kiddin’ seeing if you’re paying attention)

Low values are great for winning lowball ties against high value pull decks.

10 is another good value for my decks

5s -
Corporeal Twist, Pistol Whip, Hiding in the Shadows.

Mmmm mmm.

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Dudes: Barton, Travis,
Goods: Mustand n Pearl Handled Revolvers
Deeds: Charlie’s, Pearly’s, Shane & Graves


Values not mentioned so far 2,4,6,9 why are these values not mentioned? I would say 9 spot is going to be a miracle sweet spot along with jacks. The 6 has one of the most important Law Dog shootout actions. 4 is the coachwhip, Warpaint, B&B so maybe sloane love there. What do you folks think on the two spot.

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4 doesn’t have decent generally usable goods, and no dudes for Law Dogs. 9 doesn’t have any decent goods, and actions are kinda meh. They both need a couple more strong cards to start seeing more play.

9 totally has stone idol. Which is an insane card against kung fu.

One unique card that is strong vs only one faction, better to say single archetype inside that faction, is not enough to make value good.

It’s also solid in Sloane Hucksters and Shotgun Decks. If you’re Starting Junior it can be really powerful in a control deck. I don’t disagree that 9 is underpowered, but I think people generally undervalue this card.

If you play Junior- you take it as 1-of off value. You don’t really want to have 3 dead draw after you play first one. Also even first Idol is dead until you draw into shotgun.

Oh I agree. 100%. But it’s still a card in that value that has usage, and could potentially lead to the value’s overall playablity.

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Wait, someone actually plays Stone Idol? I dropped it from my Sloane Huckster deck back before EDS got released =_=

And how does it help against Kung Fu? My main dude has an effective value of 7, you lower it down to 4, I still pull A-2-3 with no problem.

Sure your main dude, I’ll need to deal with in another way. But your smaller dudes with Kung Fu 1 and 0, I can totally mess with.

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Two’s have Bottom Dealin’, Make the Smart Choice, A Fight They’ll Never Forget. Pettigrew’s, Gomorra Parish, Peacemaker, Blue Tick. Swinford, Kyle

It remains a solid value for LD and MCC-slide. It’s not WOW for any one faction or archetype, but it’s a very nice second suit for a few of 'em.

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Bottom Dealin can be deadly if your draw structure supports it.

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Yep, I do. Apart from using it in hucksters decks I also use it in a deck you hated on so much recently :slight_smile: