When do Resolution effects end?

I thought I knew the answer to this already in that card effects ended based upon the type of ability, thus shootout abilities lasted through the entire shootout, noon abilities lasted until just before the Gamblin’ phase, and so on. I can’t seem to find the answer in the rulebook or faq about Resolution plays. I have always played that they end once Step 4: Reveal and Resolve ended and didn’t carry their effects through the entire shootout, but now I’m second-guessing myself since I can’t find anything official that actually says as much.

When do Resolution effects end? At the end of Step 4, or at the end of the shootout? What about lowball? In the rare event that a tie is formed even after Cheatin’ Resolution plays, do those Cheatin’ Resolution effects only apply to that hand or carry over to the tie breaker lowball?

Seems weird that it isn’t stated in the rules, faq, or timing sequence at all.

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Resolution effects have very different card effect timing end points based on the individual card we would need a more specific question to answer your question in full. If you could provide a specific card or list of cards we could provide a better answer for you.

Most resolution plays seem to include pretty specific language that dictates what to do/what happens, you do that, and it’s over. That or they include language like, “for this round”, “until the end of the shootout”, or “until the end of the Sundown phase”, which again is very helpful towards determining when those effects end. Additionally, the rules and FAQ clarifies things like hand rank modifiers from resolution plays only apply for that round of a shootout.

There are those resolution plays, however, that do not contain specific language or seemingly fall through the tight cracks of the rules and FAQ, and those are the resolutions I am referring to. They are very few upon investigation, but I am hoping to learn if there is a precedence on how to handle those types of effects in future should there be cards that end up lacking specific language but have similar effects.

So, here are the resolution plays currently in the game that do not have specific language and aren’t already addressed in the current FAQ and rules as to when they end or have effects that may or may not carry forward through a shootout past Step 4: Reveal and Resolve.

Resolution plays that reduce casualties, assumed to be for this round of a shootout only but this is not clarified anywhere:

Martyr’s Cry
Resolution: Discard a Miracle from a dude in your posse to reduce your casualties by three. If your opponent has an illegal draw hand, reduce your casualties by five instead.

Resolution plays that grant bonuses but do not specify when those bonuses go away, assumed to be for the shootout but there is no language anywhere that I’ve found to specify this and could be argued for the rest of the shootout or until Sundown or whenever the game ends:

No Turning Back
Resolution: Ace a dude you own and control to reduce your casualties this round to zero. Choose a dude who gets +2 bullets and becomes a stud. Your dudes cannot flee this round.

Resolution plays that bring a token into play but do not specify how long that token stays in play, assumed to be based upon the rules for the specific token:

Turtle’s Guard
Resolution Spirit 4, Boot: All dudes in your posse gain the Harrowed keyword until the end of this round. If your opponent has an illegal draw hand, a 2-stud Harrowed Nature Spirit enters play and joins your posse, and gains the Harrowed keyword.

Follow-up on Turtle’s Guard: How long does the token keep the Harrowed keyword?

Finally, when hand rank modifiers from cheatin’ resolutions hit lowball hands, and a tie results, do those modifiers carry forward to the tie-breaking hand? For example, Cheatin’ Varmint or It’s Not What You Know can lower hand ranks, and Magical Distraction completely changes your hand rank. If you tie, do the modifiers stay in effect until the end of the Gamblin’ phase or do they go away when you discard the hand to draw a new tie-breaking hand?

Thank you for your time and consideration on these possibly painfully-obvious-answer questions.

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Firstly let me thank you for your contribution, your question has indeed shown an area of the rules that hadn’t specifically been defined and rest assured that we will ensure gets a rules amendment that will help the game run smoother.

Let us start with answering your specific card questions

Martyrs Cry. You are correct this is for only this round of the shootout.

No Turning Back.Again you are correct, this is until the end of the shootout.

Turtle’s Guard.You are once again correct the token remains in play until the condition on the token has been met.

Follow up to Turtle’s Guard. The token gains harrowed until the end of the shootout.

Hand rank modifiers in lowball. These apply until the hand has been resolved, just as in a shootout with a cheating hand with Barton that gets bottom dealt still retains the +1 hand rank.

We will be issuing errata at the point we get the proper rulebook definition to ensure the cards act as the rulebook want’s them to.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to open another thread, as this one will be closed now.