"worst BLANK in the game"

because of the release of more and more new mystical goods and Junior, I was thinking how you could build a deck around that. I also thought about how awful Richard Slavin’s ability is, but is acutally getting a little bit more legit each time a new mystical good card is released.

So I came up with the idea for this topic. This is not about ranting how bad you think cards are, but rather getting to know if others made them work or coming up with new possibilties that are overlooked.

So Richard Slavin. I like his character design and I like how the ability reflects what he does for a living so I really want to try him out.
He has good overall stats, 10 is a good value for 4th Ring, no upkeep. But that ability has so many restrictions for such a litte effect I honestly don’t see how you can profit from using it.
He has to be out of town, needs to boot, you have to pass the pull and still have to pay full price for the good? And he doesn’t even search your deck.
Has anyone tried him out and has a different opinion?

I think what he needs is a on-value mystical good, more out of town locations and/or a way to negate some of this restrictions.

What card/ability/choice of value do you think is bad or not useful.

Oh boy I really hope this does not derail completely :slight_smile:


Yeah, I like Richard Slavin as a character, but I’ve not found a way to make him worth using. I’d also be interested to hear ideas.

Well, a 1-stud 1-infl for 3-0 is a pretty decent filler, I think. All you need to make value out of him is Max Baine EX :slight_smile:

Of course, stat-wise he is solid, I am only refering to his ability.

I would love to play him because of his ability and not just as a blank dude.

As the point name says, he’s a blank.

The only way I can see his ability ever being close to useful is if we get some very powerful controllish mystical goods that aces itself after a single use.

Elmore Rhine, seriously, 6GR 2 upkeep dude. Boot him to gain a few GRs conditionally…

The funny thing about Elmore is that his earlier version was 4-1 for 2 influence, so basically another Androcles. That would be much more playable.

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I use him as a starter in my OoN DMH hand deck. Him, valeria, freddy, brute and pac (you can substitute fred for a pac). Thats 3 studs and a bagfull of clowns.

It also includes the clown wagon and a number of Diablo En Boite.

Is it good? No. Biggest issue is lack of shootout actions (off value is being used for Raising Hell, a few summons and some clowns) and pistolwhip(s) destroy this deck.
How is Richard working in this? He isnt. Too few out of town deeds on values.
What I will change: Well, I havent given up on Richard or this deck - but it seems that it would be better to use different values after NaN - Queens especially, maybe combined with 6 and some Aces. My biggest complaint about this is that the synergy with the Ghostly Gun is a little bit lost (pulling him in withSoul Cage to do a Dead Mans Hand).

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3 influence is nice with the original Outfit, though. But he has to boot for this and his ability, so not really useful.


Enough said :wink:

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If he’s on value I’ll put a copy in my deck. I’ve played him a couple of times when I really needed the influence, but I don’t think I’ve ever used his ability. As mentioned, his influence makes him good for targeting pretty much anyone with the Law Dogs home.

Wow I actually remembered that this card exists just now.

Auction, I have never seen it in any deck.

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It’s cuz it’s broken and there’s a secret gentleman’s agreement among those who know how to break it.


I’m still adamant that diable en boîte is unplayable.

The only time I used Diable en Boite it helped me win a game by booting my opponent’s last movable influence dude home from a shootout that I suicide charged the box-holder into. Not bad for a card I included simply to have a gadget to boost Jen’s bullets (this wasn’t the most serious of decks).


Incubation is one of the worst cards in the second cycle. I have never seen it played, and when I tried it it didn’t do anything worthwhile. To think I originally called it the most meta-defining card in the pack… =__=

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I’ve seen it once. My Morgan deck vs 4R Control, he played it on Irving Patterson. Next turn, after we’d moved around and it was safe for me to do so, Irving walked across town and took control of one of his deeds, booted to discard the Incubation, then the turn ended so it effectively did nothing except cost my opponent two ghost rock.

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I run 2x of him in my 5/7/8 Hangin’-based deck and he’s hit the table multiple times and been useful. Running 3-4x Confessions on Inbody means I usually have the board flooded with bounty. Also with Inbody you can get 2 uses out of him in any combination of: boot for ability, boot for Outfit ability (warrant), or throw 3-influence somewhere. The last option is particularly nice because you can bait out high-value targets to isolate for a Hangin’/Wendy combo.

I dropped him last night in a 4-person FFA multiplayer and between him and 3x Confessions on the board my economy was really quite nice :slight_smile:

Is he the best dude ever? Nerp. But I actually like him on-value more than Andreas.


Would you share that decklist?